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68099 Precise Spinal Cord Impactor for Rat/Mouse

68099 Precise Spinal Cord Impactor for Rat/Mouse
68099 Precise Spinal Cord Impactor for Rat/Mouse
68099 Precise Spinal Cord Impactor for Rat/Mouse

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68099, Precise Spinal Cord Impactor for Rat/Mouse  is a highly  friendly tool for assessing cord injury mechanisms in  basic medical research. This impactor can  be perfectly locked and impacted in the spinal cord, afther combined with our adapters Model 68094(Mice) and Model 68095(Rats).


This system uses pneumatic standard pure electric control, touch screen operation, user-friendly interface, easy to master. Using standard cylindrical metal flat heads to impact small rodents spinal cords, the sunken depth of the cortex can be precisely controlled. Show the speed of the impact moment, the dwell time and the sunken depth of the cortex.


In addition, a unique sensor contact mechanism is used to accurately and reliably auto-detect the cortical surface datum point before the impact process. Reducing the cumber some process of manual zeroing helps to produce accurate and reproducible spinal cord injury models. It is an accurate tool with high efficiency, high repeatability and good stability, effectively guarantees the reproducibility of injury model.



  • Pneumatic pure electric control,
  • color LCD touch screen interface, with friendly and easy to operate in software;
  • Strike speed up to 3m / s, speed range: 0.5-3m / s, accuracy:0.1m / s;

  • Control the dwell time and strike depth, the time range: 0-60s, accuracy:1ms, the depth range: 0-10mm, accuracy: 0.01mm;
  • A variety of cylindrical flat head hammer, the outer diameter are 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

  • High efficiency, automatic detection of zero interface, to avoid the cumbersome manual process before the strike;
  • Use ball screw to control displacement, stable and reliable rotation, large screw handle, easy operation
  • Support a variety of gas supply, containing 9/16 "and φ8 quick connection, easy to connect oxygen tanks or aerostatic press ;
  • Solid and heavy frame, stable, effective against air recoil.
  • The Spinal cord adapter cord adpaters provide stable spinal fixation and improve the success rate of modeling
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