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RWD Product Catalogue 2019

RWD Product  Catalogue 2019

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68900 Product Manual

Product Instruction

RWD 68900 series large animal stereotaxic instruments, which is an importantapparatus and is widely

used for research on neuroanatomy, neurophysiology,neuropharmacology, neurosurgery and so on,

could be applied to the animal cerebrallocalization before electrical stimulating, injecting, signal

recording, brain lesionmaking and some other experiments like this, and to build neurogenic

diseasemodels in animals so as to study the effect of pharmacology on animal cognition,

behavior etc.

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R405 &407 Product Manual

Product Introduction

RWD small animal ventilators (RWD405 & RWD407) are two new types of volume-controlled ventilators

especially designed for mice and neonatal rats, or adult rats, hamsters, rabbits, cats, small dogs and

so on with the body weight of below 5kg. They are driven by motor and controlled by drive circuit, it could

output regular airflow into the animals’ lung and enable it to breath. We use motor, reducer and controller

as critical component, and do not need external High-pressure gas supply. LED screen displays realtime

respiratory rate and postivve end-expiratory pressure(PEEP). All these characteristics provide the

instrument low-noise, accuracy control, high stability and user-friendly control.

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