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Inhalation Anesthesia
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About RWD Anesthesia

RWD has been always dedicated to provide perfect inhalation anesthesia systems.

Complete Solutions
Complete Anesthesia and Respiration Solutions
Anesthesia Machines
Including Small Animal Anesthesia Machines and Veterinary Anesthesia Machines.
The best choice of scientific researchers and veterinary professionals.
Evacuation & Scavenging
The gas evacuation apparatus (GEA) was designed to safely and actively remove waste gas.
Induction Chambers
The induction chamber, the most popular choice for investigators.
Anesthetic Masks
The Nosecone Mask Anesthesia Platform allows for anesthetization and positioning of mouse or rat.
Gas supply

Oxygen or air can be chosen as gas supply of small animal anesthesia machines.

Isoflurane & Sevoflurane
isoflurane and sevoflurane have slightly different effects and mechanisms of action.
Endotracheal Tubes
Superior cuff design helps you prepare for correct intubations every time.
Breathing Circuits
It is used for throat check and intubation on medium or large animal.
Enable you to throat examination and endotracheal tubes intubation in veterinary patients.
Breathing Bags
The breathing bags play a buffer role in the enclosed circulation system anesthesia machines.
Tubings & Connectors
Tubings & Connectors