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Single Cannula 62001

Single Cannula 62001
Single Cannula 62001
Single Cannula 62001

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Cannula implantation system is an accepted method of acute and chronic intracranial drug administration for animal experiment.Single cannula system includes guide cannula, dummy cannula, internal cannula and fixing screw. Together with RWD stereotaxic instruments, holders, fixing screws, PE cannulas, injection pumps and other related products, this system provide a set of simple and effective experimental tool of unilateral intracranial administration for neuroscientists. More importantly, RWD offer users can customized cannulas based on their specific experimental requirements.


Fixing screw

Fixing screw fixes internal cannula to guide cannula.



A - The length of the stainless steel tubing below the plastic pedestal.
B - The height of the cylindrical plastic base.
C - The length of the stainless steel tubing below the plastic pedestal, can be customized.
D - External diameter of stainless steel guide cannulas.
E - External diameter of cylindrical plastic base.
F1 - External diameter of Lock nut.
H1 - Height of Lock nut.
F2 - External diameter of Dummy Cannulas.
H2 - Height of Dummy Cannulas.
G1- The internal cannulas projection length beyond the guide cannulas tip, can be customized.
G2- The dummy cannulas projection length beyond the guide cannulas tip, can be customized.

Ordering Instructions:

1.Determine the target area for drug administration according to research requirements and identify the specific depth of the interested nuclei by referring to brain atlas.

2.Choose a certain type of guide cannula according to the brain nuclei size and the solubility of drug, and then determine the length of guide cannula according to position of target nuclei. The length of guide cannula refers to the length of stainless steel tube below the plastic pedestal (marked as C in the diagram).C value can be customized. Please refer to ordering information.

3.Determine the length of dummy cannula (marked as G2 in the diagram). Usually, after the dummy cannula is fixed to the guide cannula by screw, the tip of dummy cannula is flush or protruding 0.5mm. G2 value can be customized. (Note: When 62002 is used with 62102, the tip of dummy cannula can be flush or protrude only when the length of guide cannula is less than 15.20mm.)

4.Determine the length of internal cannula (marked as G1 in the diagram). Usually, when the internal cannula is inserted into the guide cannula, the tip of internal cannula is flush or protruding 0.5mm.
G1 value can be customized as well

Ordering information (Unit: mm):


Matching Guide Cannula Dummy Cannula 
Dummy Cannula
Internal Cannula  Fixing Scre PE Tube
1 62001 62101 62106 62201 62501 62320
OD 0.64 x ID 0.45 OD0.40 OD 0.40 OD 0.41 x ID 0.25 OD 5.5 x L7.0 OD 0.85 x ID 0.42
2 62002 62102 62107 62202 62502 62320
OD 0.56 x ID 0.38 OD0.30 OD 0.30 OD 0.36 x ID 0.20 OD 5.5 x L7.0 OD 0.85 x ID 0.42
3 62003 62102 62107 62203 62502 62320
OD 0.48 x ID 0.34 OD0.30 OD 0.30 OD 0.30 x ID 0.14 OD 5.5 x L7.0 OD 0.85 x ID 0.42
4 62004 62104 62108 62204 62502 62320
OD 0.41 x ID 0.25 OD0.20 OD 0.20 OD 0.11 x ID 0.11 OD 5.5 x L7.5 OD 0.85 x ID 0.42
5 62005 62523 62525 62205 62501 62320
OD 0.71 x ID 0.41 OD 5.5 OD 5.5 OD 0.41 x ID 0.25 OD 5.5 x L7.5 OD 0.85 x ID 0.42

1.Plastic or mental dummy?cannula is optional.
2.62302 PE tubes could be connected to syringes with needle size 0.45-0.65mm in outer diameter.
3.62523 Dummy cannula should be used together with Dummy cannula 62105.



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