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Veterinary Ventilator R409PLUS

Veterinary Ventilator R409PLUS
Veterinary Ventilator R409PLUS
Veterinary Ventilator R409PLUS

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The device, an electronically controlled, time-cycled and pressure-limited ventilator for animal laboratories,
pet hospital, clinics etc, is specially designed to help the respiration of animals within 200 kg including rabbits,
dogs, monkeys, pigs, sheep etc. Also, it can be connected to other anesthesia machines like R610IP and R620IP
for the delivery of anesthesia gas to the animals. Multiple parameters including volume control, airway pressure
trigger, adjustable respiratory rate and I: E ratio, alarm detection and so on could be available to preset in this unit.


  • Use for Animal within 100kg
  • Ventilation Modes: IPPV
  • Gas Supply Pressure:35-65 Psi(2.4-4.4 Bar)
  • Two Bellows, 0-300ml and 300-1500ml
  • Volume: 5-turn coarse metering valve
  • 9-turn fine metering valve
  • MWPL from 10-60cm H2O
  • Both LED and sound alarm
  • One-key “Hold” alarm
  • I:E ratio: 1:1.5-1:4, real time adjustable
  • Respiratory rates: 6-40BPM
  • Air Overflowing Pressure: ≤5 cmH2O
  • Built-in battery for using more than 4 hours
  • Size: 225mm (L)*280mm (D)*320mm (H)
  • Weight: approximate 5.8kg

R409 PLUS is an upgraded version of R409, with a 4.3 inch LCD display screen. It provides visual data monitoring and
real-time displaying, contains the battery state, airway pressure histogram, tide volume, respiratory frequency, I:E
Ratio, pressure peak value and many other parameters. With selected knob, parameters like breathing rate, ratio and
airway pressure can be set up easily.