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Achieve rapid and precise centrifugation with our advanced high-speed refrigerated and ventilated centrifuges, designed to meet diverse research and industry needs, max up to 18,000rpm, matched with different rotors, and different capacities (PCR tubes, spin columntubes, 1.5/2 mL microcentrifuge tubes, 5mL/15mL/50mL/100mL centrifuge tubes, 400mLcentrifuge bottle, etc.). Also, fast after-sales service and 3-year warranty available. Contact us for free quote today.

M1324R High-Speed Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

A refrigerated microcentrifuge simplifies your centrifugation, offering fast cooling in 8 minutes from RT to -4 ℃. Also, the compact-design microcentrifuge not only equip a standard 24-place quick-lock rotor (closed with only 1/6 turn) but also adapt PCR tubes and spin column, satisfying different customers’ needs.

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M1324 High-Speed Microcentrifuge (ventilated model)

M1324 Microcentrifuge (ventilated model), with speeds up to 15,800 rpm(23444×g), is ideal for life science research and production in industries such as biology, chemistry, and materials science, bioengineering, and biopharmaceuticals. Small footprint and low noise, touch screen interaction can be called by one click. All the functions are designed according to your needs.

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M1416R High-Speed Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge

RWD High-Speed Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge provides intelligent centrifugation, adapting various applications from micro to medium throughput with a speed up to 18,000 rpm (30,000×g). Offer a broad selection of rotors and adaptors (swing-bucket rotors and fixed-angle rotors) to meet different customers’ needs.

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Key Specifications


Parameters M1324R M1324
Max. Speed 15800rpm 15800rpm
Max. RCF 23444×g 23444×g
Max. Capacity 10×5mL 10×5mL
Temperature -10℃ to 40℃ N/A
Dimension(W*H*D) 304*304*517 262*282*385
Program 12 48 set


Parameters Swing-out Rotor Fixed-angle Rotor
Max. Speed 5500rpm 18,000rpm
Max. RCF 5580×g 30,000×g
Max. Capacity 4×400mL 6×100mL

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RWD Life Science Co., Ltd is a global leading manufacturer of life science research equipment, specializing in the fields of cell & molecular biology research, neuroscience research, animal surgery and modeling, and pathological analysis, microcirculation imaging, animal health, putting forth all effort to help our customers succeed. The cell molecular research product solutions cover routine experiments such as cell separation and purification, cell culture, cell analysis, and molecular biology, providing systematic, intelligent, and more comprehensive solutions for drug research, gene and cell therapy research, and bioactive substance synthesis research.
Our mission is to contributing our wits and powers to advance life science research. For 20+ years, RWD has delivered products in over 100 countries and regions, already serviced 6,000+ universities, 1,000+research institutes, 300+hospitals, 11,000+veterinary clinics, and contributed publishing more than 14,500 SCI papers.

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Local training & installation support: Customer can be skilled by watching user manual, operation videos and installation videos. Also, offer recommended local distributor for solving your problem.

Quality control in place system, international standard factory inspection, 3 years warranty available.

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