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R419 Intelligent Animal Anesthesia Ventilator

Built-in dog and cat standard ventilation parameters, veterinarians only need to enter the animal’s weight, and then other parameters will be matched automatically such as respiratory rate, tidal volume, and peak airway pressure.
R419 has both VCV and PIPCV modes. It provides more flexible ventilation solutions for veterinarians and animals.
Furthermore, it also has a unique APNEA mode. This mode does not interfere with the spontaneous breathing of the animal and is especially suitable for the wake period.

Application: Operating room, Endoscopic operating room, CT room, Teaching hospital, etc.

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Technical Specifications

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• Adjustable power supply (110/220v)
• Lightweight & portable
• Provides safe & effective intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV)
• Provides internal battery power for up to 4 hours
• 3 modes: VCV/PIPCV/APNEA
• Equipped with 2 different sized bellows – 20-300ml and 300-1500ml
• Respiratory rate (2-60BPM) Respiratory ration (1:1.-1:1:4.0) Airway pressure rate _5-35cmH20)

1.More flexible ventilation solution, Allow vets to choose VCV or PIPCV according to the actual situation of the case, or choose whether to keep the animal’s spontaneous breathing according to the surgical stage.

2.Touch-sensitive screens make the date inputting much faster than traditional knob adjustment and bring a comfortable human-computer interaction experience.

3.Save operation time, more convenient experience. Especially for vets who are not very familiar with ventilation parameters. They can directly refer to the built-in data and easily obtain mechanical ventilation skills.

4.Highly compatible Can be used with all RWD anesthesia machines and other brands of anesthesia machines.

Application Patient weight <=100kg
Gas supply pressure 41-87Psi
Respiration rate 2-60bmp(adjustable)
Tidal volume output 20-1500ml(adjustable)
I:E 1:1.1-1:4.0(adjustable)
Peak inspiratory pressure 5-35cmH2O
Trigger pressure -9.0〜-1.0cmH2O
Touch color screen 5 inch, 800 × 480
Dimension 253mm×224mm×112mm
Weight 3.22kg
Power supply  110v-220v
Cat No. Description Remark
R419 R419 Intelligent Animal Ventilator
R409-TC T-connector-9/16
R409-AH-80 O2 hose-1D8.0-M16*1.5-9/16 connector, lm
RV-PEEP Mechanical Ventilation PEEP Valve Optional


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