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R419 intelligent Anesthesia Ventilator

  • R419 is an intelligent ventilator highly easy for vets to operate: pre-setted parameters will automatically pop up by only entering the weight of the animal. Support VCV, PIPCV and APNEA control to meet multiple clinical applications.

Intelligent Input

  • Automatic preset parameters by inputting animal weight

Three Modes

  • Volume Control Mode (VCV), Pressure Control Mode (PIP-CV), and Apnea Mode (APNEA)
  • APNEA mode does not interfere with patient spontaneous breathing

User-defined Parameters

  • Support breathing parameter storage and recall

Optional PEEP Function

  • Can solve the problem of low SpO2

Auditory Alarm

  • Sound alarm, with an alarm text message,  improving human-machine interaction and reducing human error in the use of equipment


  • Touch screen and 75° visual operation surface design, user-friendly interaction

Real-time Display

  • Clear real-time display of breathing parameters

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Parameters
  • Model Information
ApplicationPatient weight <=100kg
Gas supply pressure41-87Psi
Respiration rate2-60bmp(adjustable)
Tidal volume output20-1500ml(adjustable)
Peak inspiratory pressure5-35cmH2O
Trigger pressure-9.0〜-1.0cmH2O
Touch color screen5 inch, 800 × 480
Power supply 110v-220v
Cat No.DescriptionRemark
R419R419 Intelligent Animal Ventilator
R409-AH-80O2 hose-1D8.0-M16*1.5-9/16 connector, lm
RV-PEEPMechanical Ventilation PEEP ValveOptional


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