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Minux® Rotary Microtomes

Minux® Rotary Microtomes series has automatic and semi-automatic available.

Built upon market-leading microtome design, featured to enable you cut sections quickly, easily, safely and comfortably. It is available with a range of accessories that includes specimen orientation, motorised advance/rewind and motor drive.

Advance or retract the specimen in the position most comfortable for you to control the motor specimen speed by using side specimen knob.Enable fast and effortless trimming: with Fast Homing and Memory Position, the instrument can remember the optimal specimen position for your sectioning.

Research Application

“The slices are flat and smooth, with uniform thickness and good continuity.”

–America Northwestern University

Research Application

“The product is very good, much better than the US$30,000 machine.”

–America Massachusetts General Hospital

Clinical Application

“Easy to operate and get started quickly. Online fast response and reliable service.”

—Tumor Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Technical Specifications

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  • Precise motor stepping system to ensure section quality.
  • Adjustable speed (0-1800μm/s)for better sample control.
  • Patented visual pointer identification, keep samples at the same angle for accurate sample positioning.


  • Knife guarding and retracting device to protect the safety of the operator.
  • Handwheel dual lock system, enhance the protection of the operator.
  • Alarm function of remaining injection to prompt the sectioning process in time to ensure smooth.


  • Stylish and simple operation interface, easy to learn and understand.
  • The 5-inch touch screen is easy to operate.
  • The side sampling knob is ergonomically designed to make operation more comfortable


  • The rock mode simplifies the operation process,effective and convenient.
  • Sample position memory function, one-click reset, improve sectioning efficiency.
  • The historical record system can query the equipment usage and facilitate information tracking
ModelS700 Semi-AutoS700A Fully-Auto
Section thickness setting range: 0.50 – 100 µm
Trimming section thickness setting range: 1 – 800 µm
Electric sectioning speed: 0-1800µm
Specimen retraction: 0-250µm
Specimen feed: 28mm
Vertical stroke: 70mm
Specimen orientation with zero position horizontal/vertical rotation: X/Y axis 8°


Maximum specimen size:55*50*30mm
W x D x H: 483mm×553mm×305mm
Machine weight28kg36.4kg
Fully motorized and semi- motorized mode switch
Emergency stop button
Cut window function
Slice speed selection
Multiple slice modes

S700 Semi-Auto Microtome

S700A Fully-Auto Microtome

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