Popular Microtomes and Cryostats

Minux® Rotary Paraffin Microtomes (Semi-Auto / Fully Auto)

Key BenefitsSpecifications

  • The advanced unique precise specimen feeding system perfectly enables microtomist to get excellent, thin, serial section results.
  • Patented visual pointer for your quick and accurate section positioning.
  • Handwheel dual safety lock system, knife guarding design, which maximize keep operator safety.
  • Enhanced ergonomics: 5’’ smart touchscreen, convenient data query and alarm note, side sampling knob. Special material waste tank, non-wax, easy to clean.
  • Section thickness set range:0.5-100um.
  • Wide application: histopathology, anatomical pathology.
  • Semi-Auto: S700, Fully Auto: S700A (fully auto sectioning, semi-auto modes switch available)
  • Section thickness range: 0.5 - 100 μm
  • Trimming section thickness range: 1 - 800 μm
  • Specimen feed: 28mm
  • Vertical stroke: 70mm
  • Specimen orientation with zero position horizontal/vertical rotation: X/Y axis 8°
  • Maximum specimen size:55*50*30mm
  • W x D x H: 483mm×553mm×305mm
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Minux® Cryostats (Semi-Auto / Fully Auto)

Key BenefitsSpecifications

  • The advanced temperature control system, compressor and cooling system perfectly guarantee temperature stability.
  • Bring you high-quality frozen sections, with the advanced specimen feeding system.
  • Safety in mind: UV disinfection to effectively reduce the risk of contamination by infectious materials; Knife guarding, famous brand to protect user safety.
  • Also, the waste alarm system helps you keep your clean operation environment.
  • Automatic sleep/wake-up mode offers you flexible time management.
  • Wide application: histopathology, anatomical pathology.
  • Semi-Auto FS800: Fully Auto FS800A ( can fully auto sectioning, semi-auto modes switch available)
  • Section thickness range: 0.5 - 100 μm
  • Trimming section thickness range:1 - 800 μm
  • Specimen feed:28mm, vertical stroke: 70mm
  • Cryochamber temperature range:0~-35℃
  • Specimen Cooling(optional) temperature range:-10℃~-50℃
  • Number of freezing stations: 17
  • Peltier element temp.: Reduced to-50℃~-60℃ (within 3 min), at chamber temp.-35℃
  • UVC disinfection: 30 or 180 minutes, user selectable
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Disposable Microtome Blades PB-1

Key BenefitsSpecifications

  • Precision polished, designed for paraffin sections and frozen sections. Easily cut out thin cicada-like paraffin pieces, with good connectivity.
  • Increase blade strength and endurance, reduce blade friction and extend blade life. Easily respond to trimming and sectioning with the same blade position.
  • Blades packed in a push-out distribution box for easy access. Provides storage space for collecting used blades for easy recycling after use.
  • Size:80*8*0.25mm
  • Angle:35°
  • Packaging:50 pcs
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What We Promise

  • Sales &technical engineer(PHD/Master) speaking English. Excellent online after-service by WhatsApp, Skype, Phone and Email.

  • Local training & installation support: Customer can be skilled by watching user manual, operation videos and installation videos. Also, offer recommended local distributor for solving your problem.

  • Quality control in place system, international standard factory inspection, 2 years warranty available.

Short Videos Glance of Our Clients

Review how our global customers are using Minux® microtome series, start to get your excellent section results just like other microtomists.

  • USA
    Northwestern University

  • Italy
    Pathological Anatomy of IRCCS Multimedica

  • China
    Kunming Institute of Zoology

  • China
    People's Hospital in Longhua District, Shenzhen

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RWD Life Science Co., Ltd is a global leading provider of scientific instruments and histopathological diagnosis devices, such as lab animal research equipment, anesthesia machine, sterotaxic instruments, microtome, cryostat, cell counter, co2 incubator, specialized in the fields of pathological analysis, neuroscience research, micro-circulation study, drug efficacy evaluation, cell & molecular biology research, animal health, putting forth all effort to help our customers succeed.

For decades, RWD has delivered products in over 100 countries and regions, already serviced 6,000+ universities, 1,000+research institutes, 300+hospitals, 11,000+veterinary clinics, gaining constant trust and support from global customers after our efforts.

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