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About RWD

As a progressive scientific equipment company, RWD introduces the up-to-date laboratory equipment to the industry including the Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging System, stereotaxic instruments and so on. Our scientific instruments service is applicable to animal surgery and modeling, neural circuit signal, cell & molecular biology, microcirculation monitoring, pathological diagnosis, and veterinary medical science.

Our top-tier research and development team has helped RWD to acquire nearly 100 invention and utility model patents worldwide, encompassing core technologies in different fields from neuroscience research, molecular and cellular research, respiration and anesthesia, and to pathological diagnosis products, and more.

Since 2002, we have been exploring more possibilities in the USA scientific instruments company sector. Besides, forming partnerships with different enterprises enhances our competitiveness in the USA scientific equipment company sector.

RWD believes that the scientific instruments USA company sector should take the lead in promoting continuous learning within the medical science industry. Therefore, apart from being a scientific instruments service provider, we have established the RWD Academy to share supplementary knowledge about laboratory technology. We have taken a step ahead of the scientific equipment company USA sector by organising both online and offline seminars.

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Our Clients Say

Neuroscience Center
Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE

"The R540 anesthesia machine is easy to assemble and to use. It can be done once for approx 10-12 surgeries (duration 30 min) without any smell with the special "easy fil system". It takes just 5 sec to put the machine on and it's ready to use. We highly recommend the Anaesthesia Machine R540 series for everyone who is looking for a convenient way of rodent surgeries."

Dr. Padmini Makkapati, Dr. Tahir Mahboob
Waterloo West Animal HospitalWaterloo West Animal Hospital

"We got RWD anesthesia machine and the ventilator 2 months ago at #WASAVA conference. The machine was easy to assemble and use, working fine and very easy to switch from non breathing to breathing circuit with one switch. We are happy with both the machine and the ventilator and have no complains."

Dr. Heinrich Koddebbusch
Der Narkosetierarzt

"I am absolutely delighted with the anesthetic machine; it was easy to assemble and use. It is not only very efficient but also very economic to run (saving anesthetics), and its portability makes it ideal to use anywhere in the Hospital. I am most impressed with the RWD Intelligent Ventilator, as a busy training school where we perform countless complex surgical procedures.... "

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Beyond the scientific instruments company sector, we are building a business partner network to boost our reach and to better serve our customers worldwide, and catalyse the life Science research progress and improve animal healthcare together.

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From webinars, courses to trainings, from online to offline, RWD Academy share with you not only the basic knowledge but also the practical skills, help you have a better understanding of products and grasp industry trends.

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