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    Boost your sales with offering you numerous inquiries to directly follow up, via Facebook/Google Ads, YouTube, online events, along with digital marketing proposals.

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    Provide you with best practices and knowledge to make your every project success, including complete digital materials, professional trainings, to help you at every stage of the sales cycle.

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    Work together for exhibition, workshop, webinar.,etc. Also, local training/visit if needed after pandemic.

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    Offer you more competitive, flexible price policy to ensure order success according to different projects.

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    Ensure your customer get products delivered in time with our strong supply chain, enough capacity, also, warehouse in USA for quick ship available..

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    Respect every dealer rights with strict project policy among all dealers. Golden/Exclusive dealer available.

Our Strength at a Glance

R&D Professionals

Over 19 years of experience has helped us develop a keen understanding of market needs. We invest over 15% of annual revenue, 30% of employees (highly skilled engineers, total 600+ staffs) in R&D.

Skilled Engineers

Over 100+ skilled engineers (Doctor/Master) offer you professional industry and product insights, along with reliable, and responsive services includes before and after-sales.

Top Market Share

No.1 in China, and No.3 in global for animal anesthesia solution; No.1 in China, No.2 in global for stereotaxic market; The most comprehensive animal surgery and research solution.

Strict Quality Control

We follow strict quality control guidelines throughout the entire manufacturing process. We have passed certifications including ISO900, ISO13485 and GMP. Our products are in line with CE, RoHS and other international standards.

High-End Manufacturing Facility

We have the world's leading mechanical precision processing production line, sophisticated 3D inspection system, and highly experienced professional research and development and production teams.


"We highly recommend the Anaesthesia Machine R540 series for everyone who is looking for a convenient way of rodent surgeries. It’s easy to assemble and to use, can be done once for approx 10-12 surgeries (duration 30 min) without any smell with the special "easy fil system"

Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE

"I am absolutely delighted with the anesthetic machine; it was easy to assemble and use. It is not only very efficient but also very economic to run (saving anesthetics), and its portability makes it ideal to use anywhere in the Hospital. I am most impressed with the RWD Intelligent Ventilator."

Dr. Heinrich Koddebbusch
Der Narkosetierarzt

"We got RWD anesthesia machine and the ventilator 2 months ago at #WASAVA conference. The machine was easy to assemble and use, working fine and very easy to switch from non-breathing to breathing circuit with one switch. We are happy with both the machine and the ventilator and have no complains."

Dr. Padmini &Dr. Tahir

"We use a set of RWD’s stereotaxic anesthesia solutions. The machine is easy to assemble and to use."

Dr. Amit Agarwal Group
Dr. Claudio

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