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As the top medical equipment manufacturing base in China, RWD features the most powerful research equipment and animal medical products. We house the world's leading mechanical precision processing production line, sophisticated 3D inspection system, and highly experienced professional research and development and production teams.

Quality Acknowledged by International Authorities

At RWD our quality control policy includes being customer-oriented, teamwork, scientific management, and continuous improvement. Our research and development, procurement, manufacturing, and service departments all follow through with this policy. Our goal is to ensure that our products are accurate, safe, and reliable. We do this by enforcing strict control standards, management, and traceability for every step of the manufacturing process.

RWD’s well-developed quality management system covers the whole process from design, procurement, and production to shipment and customer service.

RWD has passed ISO9001 certification and has started ISO13485 and GMP certification. Our products are in line with CE, RoHS and other international and domestic product standards.

Our high-quality products and subpar service have won wide acclaim from our domestic and foreign customers.

  • 1 CE certificates
  • 2 CE certificates
  • 3 CE certificates

High-End Manufacturing Facility

In 2015, RWD passed ISO9001:2008 certification.

In 2015, basic surgical instruments and micro-surgical instruments were produced and filed by the Food and Drug Administration.

In 2016, animal ventilators, anesthesia machines, gas filter canister , laryngoscopes, gas evacuation apparatus, etc. passed CE certification.

In 2018, thermoStar homeothermic monitoring system, syringe pump, sterilizer, oxygen concentrator, etc. passed CE certification.

In 2019, water circulation pumps, cordless micro-drill, etc. passed CE certification.

  • Precise-Impactor-Assemble
    Precise Impactor Assemble
  • Anesthesia Machine Assemble
    Anesthesia Machine Assemble
  • Rotary Microtomes Testing
    Rotary Microtome Testing
  • Optogenetic System Testing
    Optogenetic System Testing
  • Ventilator Testing
    Ventilator Testing
  • Stereotaxic Frame Assemble
    Stereotaxic Frame Assemble
  • Swiss Measuring Instruments
    Swiss Measuring Instruments
  • Ventilator testing
    Ventilator testing
  • CNC

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