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Automated Stereotaxic Instrument

71000 Automated Stereotaxic Instrument is a more automated and intelligent brain stereo positioning instrument, which precisely controls the stepping motor through computer software, and then drives the positioning arm operation arm to move. It reduces the error caused by human operation, and is equipped with micro-operation to meet more flexible operation requirements.

Technical Specifications

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  • Select high-precision stepping motor drive, displacement resolution 1μm;
  • The software integrates brain maps of rats and mice, which can be displayed in three dimensions to assist in quickly and accurately positioning the target brain area;
  • The target position can be set in the software by itself;
  • The software interface can display the probe trajectory and position in real time;
  • Multi-point program setting function, which can store and mark 10 coordinate points;
  • Can accurately control the depth of entry;
  • Two Optional control methods: computer or micro-operation control;
  • Set Bregma with one click;
  • The software presets various tasks such as automated craniotomy, virus injection and aspiration tissue, which can meet a variety of experimental needs;
  • Displacement safety prompt and error alarm function;
  • Software operating system is compatible with Win7, Win10, free switching between Chinese and English.

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