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Use laser speckle imaging to corroborate haemodynamic changes within the targeted region on the ipsilateral side of the brain before and after stroke in the photothrombotic stroke model.

Products: RFLSI-ZW Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging System

If the study only uses TTC staining or 3D imaging methods to assess the hotothrombotic stroke model, it may be not precise. However, when the data was combined the changes in cerebral blood flow,it should not only be more quantitatively and analyzed but make the entire research completed reproducibility.

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Use the Laser Speckle Imaging System to measure blood flow in cerebral arteries via a cranial window in anesthetized mice, to corroborate an in vivo physiological role for pS1928 upon HG.

Products: RFLSI-ZW Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging System

The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of phosphorylation of the CaV1.2 pore-forming subunit α-1C at S1928 mediates vascular CaV1.2 cooperativity. And it is crucial to get the blood flow to assess the effect.


Use the Laser Speckle Imaging System (LSCI) to record blood flow changes in the barrel cortex of adult mice receiving tamoxifen for detecting the changes of regional CBF mediated by Glu-NsMJ sensory input-evoked

Products: RFLSI-ZW Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging System

The main purpose of this study was to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of localized cerebral blood flow changes specifically induced by neural messenger transmission. And it is important to detect blood flow during the experiment.


RWD Helps Ningxia Medical University Build a Histopathology Laboratory

Products: Minux® S700 Semi-Automatic Rotary Microtome

Ningxia Medical University began to build ones to fulfill their urgent need for microtome machines. A large number of paraffin slice specimens had to be studied, examined and observed.


Detect the changes of the cerebral cortex blood perfusion of a Cardiac arrest (CA) and Return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) mouse model

Products: RFLSI Ⅲ Laser Speckle Imaging System

Monitor brain cortical CBF after CA in young and aged mice, to make sure the brain cortex blood perfusion changes induced by different cardiac state show up, along with quantized perfusion data. The blood perfusion data also can make a combination with the Glucosamine(GlcN) Western blotting, Rotarod performance, Neurologic Score, Open field and Body weight, Survival Rate to figure out that the activation of the XBP1 UPR branch in the post-CA brain is neuroprotective.

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Use the laser speckle to observe changes in cerebral blood flow after lymphatic ablation and quantitative analysis

Products: RFLSI Ⅲ Laser Speckle Imaging System

With a series of experiments, a markedly higher number of erythrocytes are accumulated in the lymphatics of CLNs and meningeal lymphatics after SAH. When the meningeal lymphatics are depleted in a mouse model of SAH, the degree of erythrocyte aggregation in CLNs is significantly lower, while the associated neuroinflammation and the neurologic deficits are dramatically exacerbated. In addition, during SAH lymph flow is increased but without significant lymphangiogenesis and lymphangiectasia.

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Real-time monitor the regional velocity and distribution of blood flow and perfused vessel for sciatic nerve and foot pads

Products: RFLSI Ⅲ Laser Speckle Imaging System

As an important kinase regulating energy homeostasis, AMPK is one of the central regulators of eukaryotic cell and organism metabolism, responsible for regulating the input and output of cell capacity and maintaining the smooth operation of cell physiological activities.


Helps perform the first snow leopard ‘Ling Han’ cataract surgery in the world

Products: Combination Solutions of Ventilator to Anesthesia System for large animals

We provided animal inhalation anesthesia solutions for Ling Han, a snow leopard, to have the cataract phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation, to successfully perform the first cataract surgery for snow leopard in the world.

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