RWD offers a complete solution in the cellular and molecular studies, such as air-jacket carbon dioxide incubators for cell culture experiments, automated cell counters for cell number determination, and all kinds of centrifuges.

carbon dioxide incubator

D180-P CO2 Incubator

RWD D180-P air jacket CO2 incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or
cell cultures which is essential for a lot of experimental work to culture eukaryotic cells. The combination of six-side air jacket heating technology with accurate temperature, CO2 concentration control system make it more reliable.

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D180-P CO2 Incubators
Single Cell Suspension Dissociator;Sample Preparation;

DSC-400 Single Cell Suspension Dissociator

RWD Single cell suspension dissociator uses tissue processing tubes, tissue dissociation kits, and built-in optimization programs for preparing high-activity single-cell suspension and tissue homogenate. The process of sample dissociation with high cell viability can be completed within 15-30 minutes, which makes the experiments more reproducible. Four independent operating channels and heating jackets can automate the processes and improve the efficiency of tissue processing.

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Single Cell Suspension

C100/C100-SE Automated Cell Counter

RWD C100 Automated Cell Counter for Accurate Cell Counting in 9s. How to achieve accurate, fast, convenient and safe cell counting in 9 seconds?

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M1324R High-Speed Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

With the patented refrigeration system, the M1324R can make sure the stable temperature centrifugation of samples in the temperature range of -10℃~40℃, even at the highest speed. Small footprint and low noise, touch screen interaction, all your user-defined preset programs can be called by one click.

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