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RWD Olfactometer

RWD Olfactometer is a system for mouse cognitive assessment. The system associates odor stimulation with drinking water reward feedback, and build a learning task to quickly help users carry out mouse cognitive assessment experiments.

The Olfactometer can deliver precise odors, study olfaction sensory physiology, study cognitive behavior response. It supports 8 mice training at the same time. The system provides automatic, intelligent, and highly stable olfactory behavior training, and can be expanded to combine with optogenetics, electrophysiology and other equipment.

Technical Specifications

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The RWD Olfactomer is used for cognitive and memory training in mice. Based on olfactory stimulation associated with drinking water reward feedback, a cognitive learning paradigm can be established. Realize experimental tasks such as odor stimulation, olfactory discrimination, and cognitive training, and help to research on Neurological Diseases, Cognitive Learning mechanisms, olfactory neural circuit, etc.

The RWD Olfactomer supports multiple animals to perform multiple odor training at the same time. Including sound cubicle, mouse head-fixing, licking rewards, odor control, IR camera, desktop software and signal transmission, which can be expanded to connect with optogenetics and electrophysiology equipment.

High-throughput training

A single workstation supports up to 8 choice for mice simultaneous training, which greatly saves time and improves experimental efficiency.

Automated behavioral training

The odor stimulation module is associated with the drinking water reward module.

High sensitivity response

Quick odor pulse switch-over, accurate lick counting module

Powerful software

Support flexible programming, built-in includes Go/No-Go, DNMS, DPA paradigm, and support user-defined paradigm.

Synchronous signaling

Configure digital input/output module, TTL signals transmission to combine with optogenetics, electrophysiology and other equipment

Synchronous Video recording

Configure with IR camera recording real-time images of mouse licking behavior

Item Description
Channels 1/4/8
Odor vials 8/16
Odor response time <100 ms
Odor elimination time <100 ms
Odor flow range 0-0.5 L/min
Air flow range 0-2 L/min
Liquid reward flow range 0-20 μL
IR camera 600*480 pixels, 60 fps

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