Fiber photometry has become the technique of choice for many researchers in neuroscience, because of its relative simplicity compared to other in vivo recording techniques, its high signal-to-noise ratio, and the ability to record in a variety of behavioral paradigms. It most commonly used in conjunction with genetically-encoded calcium indicators (GECIs, the GCaMP series) . GECIs change their ability to fluoresce based on whether or not they are bound to calcium. Because the internal concentration of calcium in neurons is very tightly regulated and voltage-gated calcium channels open when a neuron fires an action potential, transient increases in internal calcium concentration, which result in transient increases in the ability of a GECI to fluorescence, can be a good proxy for neuronal firing.

RWD Fiber Photometry System

R820 Tricolor Multichannel Fiber Photometry System

A new powerful fiber photometry system with an integrated lightweight body and richer software features can record red&green fluorescence signal, such as GCaMP, RCaMP, dLight, and jrGECO1a, while a unique 410nm LED is used to acquire control signals and exclude noise.

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RWD R820 Tricolor Multichannel Fiber Photometry System
R810 Fiber photometry-fig2

R810 Dual Color Multichannel Fiber Photometry System

Application in neural circuits studies:mainly used to record changes in fluorescence intensity of neurons in population to characterize changes in neuronal activity.
In the study of the regulation of learning, movement, social contact and other behaviors, the changes of neuronal activity in the following processes were detected steadily for a long time.

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