D U2000 Flexible Veterinary Dental Unit

D-U2000 Flexible Veterinary Dental Unit

Unique featured with great quality with friendly price, D-U2000 flexible veterinary dental unit can completely fulfill the needs of veterinarians for the dental treatment of animals. It has integrated ultrasonic scaler, LED high speed 360°swivel handpiece, low speed handpiece etc., allowing veterinarians to offer the most comprehensive and highest quality dental care to animals’ dental care from cutting, grinding, finishing, scaling and polishing and so on.

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D U2000 Flexible Veterinary Dental Unit
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D-Pro Veterinary Dental Unit

D-pro veterinary dental unit provides a variety of functions for veterinarians, such as grinding, polishing, cutting and cleaning,and makes daily animal oral health work easy and efficient.

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X5000 CMOS Image Sensor For X-Ray

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