The microinjection system is a physical delivery method that can attain high transduction efficiency as long as it is done with a fine control of dosage and timing to transfection and infection-challenged cells. 

We offer you all microinjectors and accessories for your precise microinjection needs, including syringe pumps, osmotic pumps, KDS 130 stereotaxic mouse brain injection pumps, manipulators, and micropipette pullers, cannula, etc. RWD offers customized services for users, the users can customize according to specific experimental requirements.


The Usage Of Microinjector

There’s no pressure level that is applicable to all situations. It always depends upon the experimental setting and the size of the molecules. As a result, using a microinjector is necessary for maintaining the pressure level inside the micropipette. Since the tip of the microinjector usually only has a diameter of less than one micron, a lot of pressure is required to force the solution out of the very small tip if one has to microinject fluids like nucleic acid solutions or drug compounds. To complete the microinjection operation, using a micromanipulator with a microinjector enables researchers to customize the speed of moving the needle to the target position before pressing the syringe pump.


Application Of Microinjection System

Since the microinjection system was first introduced in the 1900s, this tool has been used in the injection of large macromolecules into cells. Subsequently, the microinjection system has been upgraded. The extensive use of Xenopus eggs and animal embryos is also part of the development of the microinjection system due to their large size.

One of the most common applications is the reproduction of transgenic organisms by microinjecting DNA into the pronucleus of a newly fertilized egg. Initially, this method was applied in mice, but after the microinjection system had been refined, today this method is also being used in many different organisms. For example, it can be adapted to cell microinjection, pronuclear injection, and microinjection of zebrafish, insects, and nematodes.

Another area is the development of stem cells. A microinjection system is used for introducing genetically modified stem cells into a blastocyst. It is also involved in the production of genetically identical copies of an animal in which a somatic cell is enucleated and then transplanted in another organism.

MM 500 Motorized Micromanipulator

MM-500 Motorized Micromanipulator

The MM-500 is designed to meet the diverse positioning needs of the scientific community for patch clamp experiments, extracellular recording, microinjection, intracellular recording, and precision robotic positioning applications.

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MM 500 Motorized Micromanipulator
micropipette puller;preparation of microelectrodes

MP-500 Micropipette Puller

MP-500 is a horizontal motorized micropipette puller, designed to make the fabrication of micropipettes reproducible and easier. The pipettes are suitable for patch-clamp and microinjection studies.

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R-480 Nanoliter Microinjection Pump

A microinjection pump with glass capillary.The precise displacement of the plunger pushes the liquid in the glass capillary for nanoliter injection, and unique seal design ensures a tighter connection and better airtightness between the plunger and the glass capillary.

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Double Cannula for Rat or Mouse

We standard and custom cannulas and cannula systems for laboratory animals including small animals and large animals (non-human primates). It is an essential part of the microinjection system.

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Syringe Pump

KDS Legato 130 Syringe Pump

KDS Legato 130 Syringe Pump is mainly used for virus stereotaxic brain injection and microdrug microinjection system.

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Syringe Pump
Small Animals Infusion and Sampling 1

Vascular Infusion and Sampling System for Small Animals

The RWD vascular infusion and sampling system for small animals is mainly used for multi-frequency, long-term infusion or blood sampling on specific parts of laboratory animals.

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Small Animals Infusion and Sampling
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R462 Syringe Pump

R462 syringe pumps are widely used in biomedical, animal science, pharmaceutical industry, and other scientific and industrial production fields.

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Osmotic pumps

Osmotic Pumps

The implantablpump mainly implants in the animal body through the principle of osmosis to achieve long-term continuous drug delivery

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implantable continous release pumps for mouse, rat

Laboratory Animals Brain Single Cannula

We offer standard and custom cannulas and cannula systems for laboratory animals including small animals and large animals (non-human primates).

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