Optogenetics is an emerging experimental technology that uses optical principles and genetic engineering to make specific cell groups express or lack a certain function. It has two unique characteristics: high spatial and temporal resolution and cell type specificity. Using genetic methods to express light-sensitive channel proteins in specific cell populations, these light-sensitive channel proteins will open under specific wavelengths of light to pump protons out of the cell, or anions (such as Cl-), cations (such as Na + and K +) Pumped into the cell to hyperpolarize or depolarize the cell, so that the cell can be inhibited or excited instantly.

Intelligent Optogenetics System

Intelligent Optogenetics System

Optogenetics is a technique that combines optics and genetics to precisely control cell activity in the brain of living animals.
Due to its high spatio-temporal specificity, optogenetic technology is widely used in neuroscience research, including neural circuit basic research, learning and memory research, addiction research, dyskinesia, sleep disorder, Parkinson’s disease model, depression and anxiety animal models and other applications.

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Intelligent Optogenetics System 2

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