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C200FL Fluorescent Cell Counter

RWD Fluorescent Cell Counter C200FL is a cell analysis system that combines intelligent image recognition and advanced optical imaging technology to achieve precise cell counting. Its proprietary intelligent algorithms effectively identify live and dead cells, enabling rapid imaging and accurate cell counting in just 5 seconds. The app-style counting program can be called with one click, automatically loading samples and performing cell counting. Information such as cell count, viability, agglomeration rate, growth curves can be exported after counting.

Technical Specifications

  • Features
  • Technical Parameters
  • Application

APP style program, one click counting;
C200FL Fluorescent Cell Counter
6-channel automatic sampling
C200FL Fluorescent Cell Counter
APPs can be managed in group
C200FL Fluorescent Cell Counter
Multiple data formats available for export
C200FL Fluorescent Cell Counter
Real time display of counting results
C200FL Fluorescent Cell Counter

Model C200FL
Optical parameters 5 X,5.0 Megapixel
Optional fluorescence  AO/GFP:Ex: 480 / 30 nm , Em: 535 / 40 nm

PI/RFP:Ex: 525 / 30 nm, Em: 590 LP

Cell size range 3-180 μm(Optimal:5-30 μm)
Cell concentration range 1×10^4 – 3×10^7/mL
Counting area 1.72 mm × 1.3 mm  (Optional 1-3 zones)
Cell counting time 5 s/sample (bright field)
Storage 500 G
Dimensions 310 mm(W)*420 mm(H)*270 mm(D)
Weight ~11 KG
Languages Chinese and English
Display 10.1-inch LCD touch screen
Consumables 6-channel counting slide, 20 μL /sample

Disposable Slide

Model DS-66
Chamber volume 20uL
Number of chambers 6
Dimensions of slide 75*25*2.1mm
Dimensions of chamber 16.2*6.2*0.2mm
Package 50PCS/box

Tumor Research ⸺ Passage cell line, pre-detection of apoptosis

Immunological research ⸺ PBMCs, lymphocytes

Cell Biology Research ⸺ Primary Cells

Cell quality control ⸺ stem cells, CIK

Cell expression level detection ⸺ fluorescent protein, transfection efficiency detection

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