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Free Webinar: Hyperactivity of DAVTA→5-HTDRN Circuit Causes Anorexia

Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is an eating disorder characterized by self-starvation, hyperactivity and excessive weight loss and has the highest mortality rate among all psychiatric diseases. However, there are no approved treatments for AN, and the underlying pathophysiology is unclear.

Join us for the LIVE WEBINAR “Hyperactivity of DAVTA→5-HTDRN Circuit Causes Anorexia” presented by Dr. Hailan Liu (Postdoctoral Associate at Baylor College of Medicine) who will share us the latest research results on AN published in Nature Neuroscience from their team. The webinar will take place on Thu Sep. 22 at 12 AM PDT/3 PM EDT/9 PM CEST, and cover the following learning  objectives:

  • Low frequency stimulation of DAVTA neurons inhibits 5-HTDRN neurons and increases food intake via a DRD2-mediated mechanism
  • High frequency stimulation of DAVTA neurons activates 5-HTDRN neurons and suppresses food intake via DRD1-mediated mechanisms
  • Hyperactivity of DAVTA and 5-HTDRN neurons underlies activity-based anorexia
  • DRD in 5-HTDRN neurons mediates activity-based anorexia

And don’t miss the LIVE Q&A to have your questions answered by the expert.

Speaker: Dr. Hailan Liu

Postdoctoral Associate at Baylor College of Medicine


Hailan Liu is a postdoc associate in Yong Xu lab at Baylor College of Medicine. She obtained her Ph.D from Central South University in 2021. The goal of her research is to identify the novel neural circuits, neurotransmitters and intra-neuronal signals that are critical for coordinated control of body weight, feeding behavior, and glucose balance. Dr. Liu uses transgenic mouse models, in combination with the modern chemogenetics/optogenetics, electrophysiology and neurotracing approaches, to establish the physiological relevance of specific neural networks in the regulation of energy homeostasis, glucose balance and behaviors.

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