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Recap of RWD 2023 Exhibitions

In the Post-Pandemic era, the world continues reviving and developing, and RWD is no exception. We realize the significance of participating in various exhibitions and meetings, which not only allows us to showcase our expertise and offerings to a wider audience but also provides valuable insights into emerging market trends and customer preferences. This, in turn, paves the way for our continued growth and success. In 2023, we actively engaged in nearly 200 exhibitions and events worldwide, spanning over 30 countries and 60 regions, with a reach of over 400,000 attendees.
Next, let us take a look back at some of the highlighted exhibitions we attended in 2023. We focused on participating in different shows to meet worldwide customers, covering industries such as neuroscience, animal modeling and surgery, microcirculation, cellular molecules, pathology, and animal health. These shows are spread across five continents, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa.
1.SfN 2023
Just two months ago, on November 11, we attended Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting 2023. This academic extravaganza brought together over 12,000 experts from around the globe in the field of neuroscience. At SfN, we showcased six main product categories, covering a wide range of neuroscience research areas, including Animal Surgery and Modeling Solutions, Neural Signal Research Solutions, In-vivo Imaging Solutions, Cell & Molecular Biology Research Solutions, Pathological Diagnosis Solutions and Olfactometer.
Visitors have given feedback and expectations of our products after in-depth understanding in the RWD exhibition area. RWD has gained the trust of customers in over 100 countries and regions worldwide through its exceptional products and services.
2.Singapore Vet Show 2023
Going back a little further in time to October 13th, we participated in a remarkable exhibition, the Singapore Vet Show. This is RWD Animal Health Care’s first international customized booth exhibition of the year, with the widest range of activities including course sponsorships, on-site raffles, new product launches, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and a distributor gala dinner.
At the exhibition, we showcased a range of products, including Animal Ventilators and Animal Anesthesia Machines, Veterinary Laser Therapy, and Veterinary Dental Unit. In addition, Dr. Lin specially prepared a speech about the breakthrough application of RWD products in animal treatment. Many attendees were drawn to Dr. Lin’s speech, with audiences inside the venue reaching maximum capacity, and there were even many visitors standing outside the booth to listen to the speech.
Rewinding to July 27th, we took part in The 16th Annual Meeting of Chinese Neuroscience Society & The 2nd CJK International Meeting in Zhuhai, China. RWD attended the exhibition with the “Neuroscience Research Solutions”, covering a wide range of areas including animal surgery and modeling, animal neural signal research, animal brain blood flow imaging, cellular molecular and tissue pathology, and animal behavior studies. These solutions aim to assist researchers in achieving success and advancing scientific progress.
Going back to April 11th, we attended Analitika Expo in Russia. Analyitika is a renowned trade fair in Russia for the analysis and biotechnology industries. It is also the largest international trade exhibition for laboratory instruments in the country. RWD Life Science presented the latest developments and solutions in the field of cell culture, cell sorting and pathological section, including Automated Cell Counter, Microcentrifuge and Single Cell Suspension Dissociator etc.
Our booth attracted many distributors and end customers, with particular interest in cellular molecular instruments such as Centrifuges, Cell Counters, Single Cell Suspension Dissociators, and Cell Separation. Our team of experts answered the participants’ specific questions in various research areas and provided customized solutions.
RWD’s exhibition footprint also extends to the European continent, with a series of exciting exhibitions in a number of countries. These include Lab Technology in the Netherlands, Lund Stem Cell Center in Sweden, ESM in Denmark, Histologica in Germany, EACR in Italy and LabDays Olso in Norway. These exhibitions have provided us with invaluable opportunities to network with industry experts and customers, strengthening our connection to the European market and driving the company’s growth and development.
In summary, our participation in the 2023 exhibitions has provided us with invaluable insights and great platforms to showcase our solutions. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue building on these experiences and to explore new opportunities. We hope to meet you and discuss appropriate solutions with you at our coming events in 2024. Please keep following us for more information on our exhibitions and events and come to our booth at your convenience, we warmly welcome you!
Recap of SfN

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