Multi-Fiber Photometry to Record Neural Activity in Freely-Moving Animals

   |  July 9, 2021

The fiber photometry system records changes in the intensity of fluorescence of neurons in specific brain regions to characterize changes in the activity of neuronal populations. The fiber photometry system can detect population neurons in free-moving animals for long periods of time, which is helpful to explore the correlation between neuron activity and animal behavior.

R810 Dual Color Multichannel Fiber Photometry System has two excitation light sources (410nm and 470nm). The 410 nm can be used to reflect the background noise signal, thus ensuring the acquisition of true fluorescence data. The system can acquire data from no less than 9 channels simultaneously and is suitable for simultaneous recording of multiple brain regions or multiple animals.

Key Features and Benefits

Accuracy & Multichannel

  • With 410 & 470 nm two kinds of LED excitation light source, of which 410 is the reference channel, the fluorescence signal acquisition is more accurate.

Built-in Professional Software

  • Fluorescence data and animal behavior video can be collected and analyzed simultaneously.

Rich extension features

  • 4 Input ports, support a variety of external signal input and automatic marking, 4 Output ports, support outputting TTL signals to trigger external equipment, to meet the closed loop research needs.

Some References

Animal modelsB6 mice

Virus injection area VTA

The experiment processing

  • No drinking water for 24 hours;
  • The mice were then given a sugar water reward;
  • The experimenter was able to steadily record changes in the calcium signal.
  • The time of giving sugar water was exactly synchronized with the marking signal

Animal models: Epilepsy

Virus injection area: M1

The experiment processing:

  • After the animals induced epilepsy, the researchers were able to steadily record calcium signals in the motor cortex of the mice.

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