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RWD Committed to Improving Life Quality in 20 Years of Self-innovation

   |  December 21, 2022

“The last leg of a journey just marks the halfway point. By putting quality and customer first, RWD will achieve more solid and enduring progress.” Quote from RWD GM Edmond Xiu’s speech at the brand’s 20th anniversary celebration.

In 2002, RWD was founded in Shenzhen, a city of innovation. For 20 years, the company has been specializing in life science. Through independent innovation, it has evolved from a sole stereotaxic apparatus provider to one that offers hundreds of self-developed products, such as animal anesthesia machine, fiber photometry system, single cell suspension dissociator, laser speckle imaging system, and cryostat. Behind every self-developed product, there exists continuous high investment in R&D, strict quality control, and insights into customer needs.

Make Experiments Accurate, Efficient and Simple

Offer a comprehensive selection of Life Science Instruments and Solutions

To meet diverse requirements for basic life science research, we provide customers with hundreds of self-developed products across animal surgery, ethology, neural signal, optical imaging, cell and molecule, tissue section and other fields. We spare no effort to ensure customer success by providing solutions listed as follows.

animal surgery and modeling solution
solutions of microcirculation and in-vivo imaging
solution to cellular and molecular research

RWD product solutions

As an “expert in neuroscience research solutions”, RWD improves R&D efficiency by integrating Animal Surgery and Modeling Solution, Neural Signal Research Solution, Ethology Research Solution, Micro-circulation Monitoring and In Vivo Imaging Solution, Cellular and Molecular Research solution, Histopathology and Pathology Solution in scenario-based applications. In recent years, RWD has made a foray into cellular and molecular product development. As an “expert scenario-based cellular and molecular research solution provider”, the company has developed and launched staple products including single cell suspension dissociator, automatic cell counter, centrifuge, and CO2 incubator. Such products, in extensive use in biological products, also work in providing basic services for conventional cell and molecule experiments.

RWD’s products and services are now instrumental to the success of around 20,000 customers from 100+ countries and regions around the world, and the publication of over 14,500 papers in SCI journals.

Offer a Full Range of Animal Diagnosis and Treatment Solutions
“From Animal Needs, for Animal Use”

As an “expert respiratory anesthesia solution provider” in animal health, RWD focuses on full product development from conception to practical engineering and launch inclusive. The company has developed a dozen anesthesia machines of various types through joint clinical validation with relevant specialists and pet clinics, which apply to all manner of animal surgery scenarios. With veterinary respiratory anesthesia solution at the core, RWD Animal Diagnosis and Treatment Solution is a whole package of veterinary clinical applications including dental diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation physiotherapy, diagnosis of urinary diseases, etc. We do everything within power to safeguard animals’ health and promote their life quality, by providing advanced product technologies and efficient services. Currently, RWD’s products have helped 30,000+ veterinarians at 11,000+ pet clinics worldwide with animal diagnosis and treatment.

Redefine Made-in-China Cryostats and Rotary Microtome with High Quality
Empower Clinical Healthcare with Expertise in Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing

In clinical healthcare, RWD’s self-developed cryostats and rotary microtome are acknowledged by increasingly more customers, by dint of exquisite technology, solid quality and professional service. They have been playing a part in 700+ hospitals around the world since their launch, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, Chongqing Daping Hospital, Sichuan Cancer Hospital, etc.

With consistent effort on multi-department clinical medicine solution development, we have an array of scientific research instruments and devices afoot for clinical translation, which will be used by endocrinology department, orthopedics department, stomatology department, dermatology department, internal medicine department, rehabilitation department and other departments. Looking ahead, we will continue to improve life quality in all respects, with greater effort on clinical translation of scientific research products.

Focus on Technology & Innovation
Keep Abreast of Key Technological Advances and Go Beyond

We unswervingly seek technical innovation and development of instruments and devices, with a focus on extensive use of innovation outcomes in science and technology. In years of practice in the industry, we attach great importance to and make sustained investment in R&D. With over 15% of annual revenue allotted for R&D, we see that 10+ new arrivals see the light of day on a yearly basis. Leveraging R&D strength built in 20 years, we are now intensifying research on cutting-edge technologies in various key fields via an R&D platform based on four pillars: optical imaging, precise transmission, precise temperature control and weak signal detection.

During development of the single cell suspension dissociator, for instance, we make technical breakthroughs in temperature control and originate a technology featuring diverse technical patterns for products of the like; during development of rotary microtome, we crack the crux of falloff in hard tissue sectioning with tuned rigidity, tenacity and structural arrangement of key parts thereof; during development of veterinary anesthesia machine, we roll out a dozen anesthesia machines of various types with relevant product systems and parameters upgraded and optimized, which apply to all sorts of animal surgery scenarios…

Looking into the future, we will continue to work on product innovation, service innovation, technology innovation and talent innovation. Taking “contributing our wits and powers to enhance vital quality” as its mission, we will strive to create value for customers with continuous effort.

RWD awarded “2021 Top 100 Innovative Enterprise in Shenzhen ” and “Enterprise of Scientific and Technological Progress”

Seek Win-Win cooperation with Customers and Partners
Establish an “Industry-University-Research-User-Integrated” Industry Enabling Platform

Product and technology innovation, as well as development and exchange of talents and expertise form a prerequisite for a burgeoning life science industry. At the tide of reform in the industry, we invariably uphold ideas of opening, cooperation, and sharing and set up an “industry-university-research-user-integrated” industry enabling platform with painstaking attention to academia, practice, technology, etc., which is intended to fuel high-quality development of the entire industry ecosystem.

For furthering academic exchange in the industry, we launch RWD Forefront Forum, RWD Academy, RWD Experiments Resources, and other programs of the like, along with academic forum, online program, publication of industry whitepaper, etc. We take aim at building a professional academic exchange platform. So far, we have beamed 50+ events live and published 18 academic materials, involving 40+ experts and professors and 50000+ professionals in the industry.

For talent development, we initiated the “RWD Scholarship for Basic Medicine” program in 2016, with the purpose of facilitating cultivation of scientific research talents in domestic medicine and powering the growth of China’s preclinical medicine. The scholarship has been granted to standouts from 40 institutions of higher education nationwide, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, China Agricultural University, Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS, Xiamen University and Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Celebrating RWD’s 20th birthday, a whole bunch of customers and partners have sent their messages and wishes to RWD.

We forge ahead nonstop on the path of innovation-driven development. In the future, we will dig deep into and give a strong boost to the life science industry with sustained effort. We feel beholden to have you by our side in 20 years of development! Looking ahead, we expect to pursue common development and achievement with you and contribute wisdom and strength to the improvement of life quality!

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