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RWD is Always Taking Actions to Protect Rare Animals: The First Operation of Red Crowned Crane Lower Beak Prosthesis in China

Animal Health   |  January 5, 2023

On 21 July 2022, the International Union for Conservation of Nature updated the Red List of Threatened Species to show that the paddlefish, endemic to the Yangtze River, is extinct. The extinction of the Yangtze River paddlefish has sounded an alarm for us. There is a long way to go to protect rare animals. RWD bravely shoulders social responsibility and continues to contribute to the protection of rare animals. In 2020, RWD participated in China’s first red crowned crane lower prosthetic beak surgery.

On April 24, 2020, the Jilin Wildlife Conservation Association received a call from Gongzhuling, saying that local villagers reported that a bird suspected to be a crane had been found near their home with a very serious beak injury.

When the staff of the Jilin Wildlife Conservation Association rushed to Gongzhuling, they confirmed that the injured animal was a first-class protected animal red crowned crane, and found that the lower beak of the injured red crowned crane had been broken, and that there was only a little residue in the lower beak, making it unable to eat, unable to fly, seriously injured, and very lightweight.

Wu Jianfeng, deputy secretary-general of the Jilin Wildlife Conservation Association, said: “the injured beak, which we suspect was broken during the courtship in the wild, might hit a tree stump and be broken. If the injured red crowned crane is not found by the villagers, it will starve to death within a week.”

On the same day, the injured red crowned crane was transported back to the Jilin Wildlife Protection Station for treatment. Its wounds were disinfected, and relevant experts were contacted to create a prosthetic beak for the red crowned crane. After careful consideration of the prosthetic beak scheme and considering the actual situation of the injured red crowned crane, the experts finally decided to make the prosthetic beak with aluminum alloy, and adopt manual production to ensure the fitting degree of the prosthetic beak model and the injured beak of the red crowned crane.

On May 9, 2020, the day of surgery, the doctor first performed inhalation anesthesia on the red crowned crane with the RWD respiratory anesthesia all-in-one machine. After ensuring that the red crowned crane entered the state of surgical anesthesia, the doctors began to install the prosthetic beak. After more than two hours of surgery, the injured red crowned crane had an aluminum alloy prosthesis.

On May 10, 2020, the second day of surgery, the red crowned crane had resumed eating a small amount.

During the 2h operation, RWD one-stop inhalation anesthesia system escorted the red crowned crane’s lower prosthetic beak surgery throughout the operation. R620-S1 R620-S1 Veterinary Inhalation Anesthesia Machine is suitable for clinical anesthesia of dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys, rodents, reptiles, birds, etc., with “one-button” quick operation mode for simple operation, safety and reliability. The R419 intelligent animal ventilator has built-in standard reference data, which only needs to enter the weight of the animal to obtain the parameters required by veterinarians, such as respiratory rate, inhalation and exhalation ratio and tidal volume, simplifying the operation.

“From Animal Needs, for Animal Use”. As an “expert in respiratory anesthesia” in the field of animal health, RWD has developed more than 10 different models of anesthesia machines from product conception to actual product development, covering different types of animal surgery scenarios, through clinical verification with many teachers and pet hospitals. With the overall solution of animal respiratory anesthesia as the core, RWD animal diagnosis and treatment program has gradually expanded a number of veterinary clinical application solutions such as dental diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation physiotherapy, and urinary system disease diagnosis to protect animal health and improve animal life quality with advanced product technology and efficient services.

In the future, RWD will continue to be committed to protecting biodiversity, building a community of life on earth, and contributing wisdom and strength to the improvement of quality of life. Let us join hands to protect rare animals and protect our common home, so that the tragedy of animal extinction will not be repeated.

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