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Science and Technology for Better Quality of Life︱RWD Sponsored and Attended CAST-USA 2021 Global Innovation Summit

Sponsor News   |  December 31, 2021

Science and Technology for Better Quality of Life︱RWD Sponsored and Attended CAST-USA 2021 Global Innovation Summit

Sponsored by RWD Life Science, CAST-USA 2021 Global Innovation Summit was successfully held via zoom on October 22-23. Themed by “Innovation-Leadership-Prosperity”, the summit engaged global leading lights in sharing and exchange online, such as Academician Shuguang Zhang from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. Hongtao Jiang from California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Dr. Gang Ren, Chief Researcher of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Dr. Haiming Zhang, AEM Founder & CEO, and Dr. Chuanhua Xing, Founder of XPecisiong. The virtual summit received an enthusiastic response with over 150,000 clicks worldwide. RWD attended and showcased its latest life science products and solutions at the summit.

 (▲Jianbin Gao, RWD Global Marketing Director, in a sharing session)

Under “1+N” structure, specifically main session + parallel sessions + liaison office[AD1] , the two-day summit featured concurrence of sessions. Pioneers in life science industry, e.g., Academician Shuguang Zhang and Dr. Gang Ren, addressed the future of the industry while Gen-Z elites realized their aspirations at the innovation and entrepreneurship competition and a constant stream of splendid cultural performances wowed viewers. Unfolding the outstanding contribution of overseas Chinese in science, technology, economy, etc., the summit is intended as a platform for building a CAST-USA consensus about promoting technology vitalization with joint effort.

(▲ Guests in a sharing session)

Chinese Association for Science & Technology, USA (CAST-USA) is one of the most influential non-profit general tech organizations among Chinese professionals in the United States. Founded in 1992, it now spans across the U.S. and China via 20+ branches and has 10,000+ members in total. This U.S.-based organization maintains contact with a galaxy of academic returnees and acts as a unique bridge and platform in furthering China-U.S. non-governmental exchange in education, commerce, technology, entrepreneurship, etc.

Echoing CAST-USA’s belief, RWD, a leading life science equipment provider in China, has faith in technology and innovation in favor of mankind. Leveraging technology and innovation, we are dedicated to furnishing our customers with top-of-the-line research and clinical instruments for better vital quality. Engaged in the industry for 19 years, we are proud to boast full independent research & development capacity. Keeping abreast of customers’ requirements, we have established six product lines: Surgery and Modeling, Ethology Research, Micro-circulation Monitoring and In Vivo Imaging, Neural Signal Research, Histopathology, and Molecular Pathology, and Cellular and Molecular Biology Research. We ensure the efficiency of experiments on animals and molecule cells. With products and solutions sold in 100+ states and regions across the world, we have served 6,000+ institutions of higher education and 1,000+ scientific research institutions worldwide and contributed to 12,000+ SCI papers published.

As the sponsor, we attended the summit with full provision and hereby received favorable feedback from the host CAST-USA in public. From now onward, we are looking forward to deepening cooperation with Chinese scholars that now live in or return from the U.S. Together we will contribute wits and power to the development of global life science and health maintenance of mankind.

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