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Micropipette Puller-Make Microelectrode in Lab (Easy and Save cost)

   |  July 9, 2021

What is micropipette puller?

Application: Draw a single capillary glass tube uniformly into two glass microelectrodes with symmetrical tips.

Style: Horizontal & Vertical

Horizontal micropipette puller: Fix the two ends of the blank glass tube horizontally, heat the middle part, and made single or multiple drawing by electric force or elastic force.

Vertical micropipette puller: Heats the middle part of the glass tube to reach the melting point and pulls it apart by gravity. The operation is simple, but it is difficult to draw the microinjection electrode.

RWD MP-500 Micropipette Puller

RWD MP-500 micropipette puller is developed to solve the microelectrode problems in patch clamp and microinjection experiments. It has avant-garde intelligent operation interface, unique fixed position design of the heating filament and other user-friendly design. MP-500 integrates stability, intelligence and humanization, which can meet the requirements of microelectrode-related experiments and enhance user experience at the same time. In summary, MP-500 is an excellent choice for microelectrode related experiments.

Electrophysiology (patch clamp)

Why choose MP-500 Micropipette Puller?

  1. Full-color capacitive screen, easy to operate and sensitive to response
MP-500 Micropipette Puller features

2. Heating plate limit slot makes it more convenient and stable during replacement, which can reduce operation error


3. Integrated plug – in humidity control chamber, which makes it easy to disassemble and reduce the time cost of heating sheet replacement


4. High stable pulling result and much less noise.

Main Application Fields

Electrophysiology (patch clamp); Microinjection; Microprobe; Other microelectrode related research fields

Other microelectrode related research fields


Peking University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University in mainland China, and Hokkaido University in Japan etc..

The researchers of chai lab report that RWD MP-500 has low noise, and a good shape f the microelectrode remains very stable. GΩ sealing can be easily achieved with electrodes pulled from RWD glass tube.

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