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76312 LED Fiber-Optic Illuminator

Compared with the general halogen lamp optical fiber cold light source, has the advantages of high light efficiency, energy saving, low calorific value, especially the service life is much higher than the halogen lamp. LED optical fiber cold light source adopts high-power single chip package LED as the light source, and specially designed kohler lighting concentrator system composed of 5 optical lenses, which can effectively couple the strong light of high-power LED to the fiber bundle, which has many advantages such as high light efficiency, energy saving, low calorimeter, long service life, low noise (<42db) and so on

Technical Specifications

  • Features
  • Technical Specifications

Wide voltage adapter to adapt to different voltages in different countries

LED professional constant-current driver chip, good dimming, colorless temperature drift

Built-in temperature control function can effectively protect the light source when temperature is abnormal

Aluminum shell, stable and beautiful structure

Unique heat dissipation structure, no burning sensation at the interface of optical fiber

Silent cooling fan ensures long – term reliable operation of LED

Uniquely designed locking structure ensures that the fiber bundles are not easily loosened

  • Light source high power LED white light, power 20W
  • Color temperature 6400 k
  • Light intensity <80Lm
  • Color rendering index 70
  • LED decay cycle 30000h
  • Power supply voltage 90-260v AC
  • Running noise <42dB
  • Physical specification: 3kg, 210mm×100mm×150mm
  • Operating temperature 0℃-40℃/32℉-104℉
  • Storage temperature 0℃-50℃/32℉-122℉

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