• Automated cell counter
  • Automated cell counter

Automated Cell Counter

RWD automated cell counter is a reliable cell counting device with its highly intelligent analysis software and excellent microscopy optics structure. Under autocouting mode, it can accurately identify the live cells, dead cells and the ones with specific fluorescence in a few seconds, which may liberate researchers from heavy work of daily cell counting.


“Small footprint, no need to worry about taking up too much space.”

— —Capital Medical University


“The counting result is very accurate, and the report is easy to export.”

— —Chang Gung University


“Dual fluorescence channels make counting applications more extensive.”

— —Chinese Academy of Sciences

Technical Specifications

  • Features
  • Technical Parameters
  • Manual
  • Accurate
    Cluster Recognition Algorithm
    Super Clear Imaging System
    Multi-application scenario incl. FLUO
  • Simple
    7-inch Touch Screen
    Auto Focus & Auto Exposure
    Quick-Count Mode
  • Reliable
    Automatic Data Record System
    FL Mode for Complex Sample Analysis
    Suitable for Different Types of cells
Amplification Factor2.5X, 5 mega-pixel
Focus MethodManual focusing & Autofocusing
Cell TypesCell lines, stem cells, primary cells
Counting Area2.15mm x 1.62mm
Fluorescence ApplicationDAPI , GFP, RFP, AO , PI
Cell Size Range4-60µm (Optimal: 7-60µm)
Cell Concentration Range104-107 cells/mL
Cell Counting TimeLess Than 15s
Historical Data Storage1000 counting reports and images at most
Dimensions (W x D x H)200m m*460m m*256m m


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      Cell Therapeutic Applications
    • image
      Stem Cell Research
    • image
      Cancer Cell Research
    • image
      Bioprocessing Applications
    • image
      Cell Biology Research & Development

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