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Anesthesia Cone Masks for Mouse and Rat

  • Special designed with inlet tubing inside make the animal anesthesia exhaust gas can be absorbed by gas fillter canister.
  • Allows access to eyes, ears and top of head.
  • The cone masks can be installed onto 68630 operation bed for single cone mask (300*210*75mm) or 68657 manifold for five cone masks.

Technical Specifications

  • Order Information
  • Cat No. Product Description O.D(size) I.D(size) Deepth(size)
    68680 Cone Mask with Tubing for Neonatal Mouse(<15g) 13mm 5mm 24mm
    68681 Cone Mask with Tubing for Mouse or Neonatal Rat(15-40g) 20mm 10mm 28.5mm
    68682 Cone Mask with Tubing for Rat(200-350g) 25mm 15mm 38mm
    R-CT-6/15 Concentric Tubing, 6mm Inlet/15mm Outlet, 45cm 13mm 5mm 24mm
    68656 Manifold for Single Cone Mask 20mm 10mm 28.5mm
    68657 Manifold for Five Cone Masks 25mm 15mm 38mm
    68630 Anesthesia Operation Platform 13mm 5mm 24mm
    68683 Cone Mask for Neonatal Mouse(<15g) 20mm 10mm 28.5mm
    68684 Cone Mask for Mouse or Neonatal Rat(15-40g) 25mm 15mm 38mm
    68685 Cone Mask for Rat(200-350g) 13mm 5mm 24mm

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