• Disposable Cell Counting Slide
  • Disposable Cell Counting Slide

Disposable Cell Counting Slide

Disposable cell counting slide consisting of two independent counting cells, is used in automatic cell counter C100/C100-SE/ C100-PRO. It has good compatibility and can be adapted to the same type of image automatic cell counter

specifications: 2 sample/pcs,50 pcs/box
Cat. No: DS-50
Capacity: 10 μL

Technical Specifications

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Fluorescence counting results

Disposable Cell Counting Slide

Cell fluorescence counting results after AO/PI dye staining, green for live cells, red for dead cells. The cell counting slide has high transparency, and clear cell count imaging, and does not interfere with the counting results.

Q1:What are the advantages of RWD cell counting boards?
A1:Consists of two independent counting pools, making full use of the counting board space, while ensuring the uniformity of samples. Good compatibility, the counter slide is not only suitable for RWD counter C100/C100-SE/ C100-PRO, but also can be adapted to the same type of image self-counter.

Q2:Is reading only the number of cells in a single area of the sample hole accurate?
A2:Although we have a single field of view, our field of view area is nearly 4mm2, which is a large sampling area (similar to the total number of blood cell count boards). After that, we will be equipped with standard boards or microspheres, and can directly demonstrate and verify when they have questions.

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