D180 CO2 Incubator laboratory
Carbon dioxide incubator D180
D180 CO2 Incubator laboratory
Carbon dioxide incubator D180

D180 CO2 Incubator

A well-designed air-jacketed co2 incubator with 175L capacity provides a suitable, and stable environment for cell/tissue culture. Meanwhile, an intelligent touch-screen shows 7-days performance trend graphing enables you to monitor the change of key parameters easily.

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The incubator is an indispensable device in the fields of cancer research, stem cell research, immunology research, pharmaceutical research, and neurobiology research.

D180 Carbon Dioxide(CO2 ) incubator provides a more suitable culture environment for cells by controlling temperature, CO2 concentration precisely and by maintaining a high relative humidity (rH). The built-in 140℃ dry-heat sterilization program helps to prevent bacterial contamination. All the data and 7-days performance trend graphing are visible on the 7-inch touch screen, and stored data can be downloaded through USB.

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Precise CO2 concentration monitor

High temperature resistant infrared(IR)co2 sensor enables real-time monitoring the change of co2 level. Optional humidity probe to monitor real-time humidity changes.

Stable Temperature control

Six-sided air jacketed heating method with Pt1000 platinum thermistor significantly shorten the recovery time to target temperature.

User-friendly operation

7-inch touch screen provides complete data visibility including three core parameters (Temp. , CO2 and rH).

Multiple alarm system

Internal and external doors open overtime alarm. Abnormal inner cavity core parameters alarm, temperature alarm function.


Temperature Control & Range ±0.1℃@ 37℃,5℃above ambient to 50℃
Heating Method Air jacket(direct heat)
Uniformity ±0.3℃ @ 37℃
Alarm Setting Customized, Upper limit: (T+0.1) ~ (T+5.0); Lower limit:(T-0.1) ~ (T-5.0)
Sensor Pt1000 Platinum thermistor
Controller PID
Readability & Setability 0.1℃
Sterilization Method 140℃ dry heat sterilization
CO2 Concentration Control & Range ±0.1%@5%,0-20%
Sensor Heat-resistant infrared (IR) sensor
Inlet Pressure 1.0 bar (recommended)
Uniformity ±0.3%
Readability & Setability 0.10%
Alarm Setting Customized, Upper limit: (C+0.1) ~ (C+1.0); Lower limit: (C-0.1) ~ (C-5.0)
Humidity Humidity Pan Volume ~3.8 L
Display 1% RH
Shelves Dimensions 48.7×46.1 cm
Surface Area 224.5 cm2
Number (Standard & Max) 3 ; 16
Size & Weight Interior Volume 175 L
Interior Dimensions 51.0(W)×54.7(D)×67.5(H) cm
Exterior Dimensions 69.5(W)×67.0(D)×97.0(H) cm
Net Weight 110 kg

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