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Digital Operating Microscope DOM-1001

DOM-1001 is a 16 Million Pixels high-end integrated digital microscope, and enables real-time record, collect, and share high-definition 4K images and videos(1080P).  Multiple people can view samples simultaneously, supporting the whole process of taking pictures and videos. it is widely applied in Life science: dental, animal surgery, tumor, morphological observation, embryologic histology, education, Industry & Manufacturing: electronics& semiconductor, metals, medical, new energy, etc.

Benefits to customers:
Perfect quality of use and image
Compatible with stereotaxic frame
High stability, easy to use and move


Mouse embryo observation

“The RWD digital microscope was able to clearly observe the heartbeat of a mouse embryo; pictures and videos are very clear and convenient to take!”

—State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University

Insect observation

“Good quality, clear range of view, sufficient magnification, convenient foot pedal to control focus, and overall good results.”

—Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences

MCAO model experiment

“Using the digital microscope to sort and select small insects with viruses such as mosquitoes, we magnified two mosquitoes in high-definition and proceeded to observe. I am satisfied with the very clear magnification effect of the RWD digital microscope.”

—Yunnan Animal Science and Veterinary Institute

Technical Specifications

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  • 16MP CMOS camera:The camera comes with fast automatic one-key exposure, supports exposure compensation, and can quickly shoot samples that contain areas of sharp bright and dark contrast.
  • Auto/manual one-button white balance and RGB adjustable enables real colors.
  • FHD resolution real-time images: The 60fps CMOS camera provides recording 4K pictures and 1080p videos.
  • The 7:1 zoom ratio (with switchable locking aperture) able to realize rapid magnification.
  • Ergonomic design : Foot pedal to adjust focal length, 180 mm working distance.
Parameter item Technical Item Description
Resolution 1920×1080pixel
Sensor grade Panasonic 1600W 1/2.33″CMOS
Pixel size 1.335μmX1.335μm
Sensor size 6.18mmx4.65mm
magnification 18-100x (27-inch monitor)
Zoom Ratio 7:1
Working distance 180mm
The depth of field 6.7 mm(Highest magnification), 0.41 mm(Lowest magnification)
Model Type name Number Notes
DOM-1001 Digital Microscope N Standard configuration includes 11.6-inch display
S2721HS Dell Full HD Monitor-27 inches N Matching (recommended)


  • Experimental-teaching-demonstration
    Experimental teaching demonstration
  • MCAO-model-experiment
    MCAO model experiment
  • Insect-observation
    Insect observation
  • Fiber-Optic-Cannula-Implantation
    Fiber Optic Cannula Implantation



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