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High Activity Tumor Tissue Enzymatic Digestion Kit(Human)

Optimized enzymatic hydrolysis formulation for efficient and gentle digestion of human tumor tissues, preserve the integrity of surface antigenic epitopes.

Cat No: DHTEH-2505

Number of reactions: 25T

Technical Specifications

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Human breast cancerHigh Activity Tumor Tissue Enzymatic Digestion Kit(Human)

Automated cell counter analytical reporter: Cell viability is 98%. Cell yield is 3.24 x 10^6/100mg.

Flow cytometry analysis of mouse tumor High Activity Tumor Tissue Enzymatic Digestion Kit(Human)

Tumor cell antigen epitope detection: CD24, CD44, CD90, CD133.

Primary Cell CulturesHigh Activity Tumor Tissue Enzymatic Digestion Kit(Human)

Primary culture cells in good condition, it can obtain epithelioid tumor cells, fibroblast-like stem cells, etc.

Q1:What are the storage conditions for the tissue enzymatic digestion kit?
A1:Different types of enzymes are contained in different kits, and they should be stored in refrigerators at 4°C or -20°C according to the storage requirements on the instructions.

Q2:What are the pre-treatment precautions for tissue samples?
A2:During the sampling process, carefully remove the blood vessels and residual blood clots, and rinse the tissue thoroughly.

Q3:What are the types of human tumor tissue to be processed?
A3:Tumor samples obtained directly from patients, cultured samples of human tumor tissue grown on nude mice, and cultured samples of human tumor cell lines on nude mice.

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