Stereotaxic Ear Bars

RWD ear bars with the scale of 35mm, 1mm resolution, square 6.15mm. applied for mouse, rat, cat, monkey, and other animals.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Information

  • 68301:Ear Bars, Rat, 18 Deg. (0.8mm radius tip)

  • 68302:Ear Bars, Rat, 45 Deg. (for guineapigs, prairie rats, birds, squirrel monkeys 0.8mm tip)

  • 68303:Ear Bars, Cat/Monkey, 18 Deg.

  • 68304:Ear Bars, Cat/Monkey, 45 Deg

  • 68305:Ear Bars, Rat, Hollow, 45 Deg. (for grassland birds, rats, guinea pigs, monkeys 1.0mm aperture tip, 3.0mm aperture)

  • 68306:Ear Bars, Mouse, 60 Deg

  • 68307:Ear Bars, Mouse, Non-Rupture, Cuff. (Suitable for neonatal rats are available)

  •  68308:Ear Bars, Mouse, Non-Rupture, Rubber (Suitable for neonatal rats are available)

  • 68060:Ear Bar Adaptor – Rat (with 18° ear bar)

  • 68413:Riser Ear Bars (customized), raised 50mm, the rod carries a scale of 55mm with 1mm accuracy.

  • 68314: Mouse Ear Bars – height adjustable (tooth tip range: -5mm~+5mm).

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