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  • R640 S1
  • R640 S1
  • r640-s1Anesthesia Machine
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R640-S1 Economical Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

R640-S1 is an economical veterinary anesthesia machine designed with good performance but competitive price. Applicable to clinical anesthesia use for animals within 100kg, such as dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys, rodents, reptiles, birds, etc.

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Veterinary Teaching

“We have received the anesthesia machine and we are using it with our students and colleagues in our post-degree program. The device works fantastically well. “
-Faculty of Veterinary Science. UBA

Veterinary Clinic

“The machine is working fine and very easy to switch from non-breathing to breathing circuit with one switch.”

-Waterloo West Animal Hospital

Veterinary Clinic

“It is not only very efficient but also very economical to run (saving anesthetics), and its portability makes it ideal to use anywhere in the Hospital.  ”

-Santa Lucia Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Technical Specifications

  • Features&Benefits
  • Technical Parameters
  • Model Information
  • Compact structure & simple operation
  • Support re-breathing circuit and non-rebreathing circuit
    (Standard configuration:re-breathing circuit 1.5m)
  • Pressure gauge — Constantly monitoring the circuit pressure
  • Oxygen flush button — Preventing emergencies
  • Freewheel with lock — More stable
  • Five-foot base/ Four-foot base/Wall-mount Holder is available
  • Applicable to animals that weight within 100kg
  • Two options available: semi-open and close anesthesia modes
  • 0 to 4 L/min O2 flowmeter
  • 10L/min O2 flush
  • 2100cc CO2 absorber
  • Three kinds of filling type vaporizer is optional-Pour Fill , Easy Fill and Key Fill
  • Work temperature:10-35℃
Cat No. Description Remarks
R640-S1-A-S R640-S1 Series Mounting Assembly (Silver) with O₂ Flowmeter (0.1-4LPM) Can be changed to the red one Included
R580S Vaporizer- Pour Fill- Cagemount Can be changed
R600-NL-1L Reusable Non Latex Breathing Bag, 1L
R-BC-DL Breathing Circuit Duo-limb, 22mm(M)/15mm(F), 1.5m
R-CT-18 Corrugated Tube – ID 22.0mm, L1.2m
R580-IO Vaporizer Endcaps (1 pair)
R640-S1-MS-S Monitor Shelf (for R640-S1) Optional
R510-31 Gas Filter Canister, Large
R-NBC-F(JR) Mapleson F Non-rebreathing Circuit (Jackson-Rees)
R-CH Holder for canister


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