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MM 500 Motorized Micromanipulator
RWD Motorized Micromanipulator
MM 500 Motorized Micromanipulator
Motorized Micromanipulator
MM 500 Motorized Micromanipulator
RWD Motorized Micromanipulator
MM 500 Motorized Micromanipulator
Motorized Micromanipulator

MM-500 Motorized Micromanipulator

MM-500, an ultra-stable and compact motorized micromanipulator, is designed for probe positioning or pipettes holding with high precision, to perform in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology experiments, microinjection, etc.

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Featured with multiple modes including continuous/step mode, general/diagonal mode, coarse/fine adjustment, etc. MM-500 enables researchers to position precisely, with ease. It can be used to hold various probes, pipettes, etc. even weighing 500g.

Main Applications: 

  • in vitro: Patch clamp electrophysiological experiment;

  • in vivo: ntracellular recording, extracellular recording;

  • Microinjection: ES cell, Nuclear transfer, (C.Elegans, Drosophila, Zebrafish,rodents);

  • Eyeball injection;

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Minimize Drift to Ensure the Signal Stability

Ensure the signal stability during long-term reconding in patch-clamp experiments. Highly precise with reposition to enhance stable results of the experiments. (single-axis ≤1μm, three-axis ≤2μm).

Multiple Modes Enables Easy Use

The continuous/step mode allows for precisely controlling the movement speed and distance of the manipulator. The researcher can adjust the speed from 0.033μm/s-2904μm/s as required. X and Y axis can be moved simultaneously with Diagonal mode to adjust your approach angle among 1-89° easily.

Position Precisely, with Ease

Only need to click the [ORIGIN] or [WORK] button to quickly back and forth the repeatable positions for improved research efficiency.

4.3 Inch Touch Screen

Boasting a large touch-sensitive screen and an integrated intuitive UI interface.


Maximum Speed


Long Term Stability

10nm /h at 24℃.




25 mm on all four axes

Repeated positioning accuracy

Single axis ≤1μm, three axis ≤2μm

Controller Size and Weight


Micromanipulator Sizeand Weight


Rotary Optical Encoder Size and Weight





Clients Say

"RWD MM-500 motorized micromanipulator allows us to quickly and precisely position. It runs more stably and smoothly than most micromanipulators I used before did. It’s easy to use. The unique diagonal mode makes the work much more efficient. It’s awesome! "


School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation,Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

"The RWD MM-500 motorized micromanipulator is easy to use. It runs stably to control the microelectrode to move during the procedure of patch clamp experiment. It is very compact with a small footprint, really space saving. As the space is limited for electrophysiology laboratory, small size is really nice."


Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital

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