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RE20 Animal Endotracheal Intubation Kit

Noninvasive endotracheal intubation kit for animals guided by cordless optic fiber to support mouse, rat and other similar small rodents in a stable and comfortable position for experimenters to perform endotracheal intubation, drug infusion and other operations, effectively reducing animal damage, and enhancing the experimental efficiency and precision of the experiment results.

Technical Specifications

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1.PU material, moderate soft and hard, comfortable and not
harmful to animals;
2.The cordless portable optic fiber lighting system, which has been patented for an invention, improves the visibility of the airway and facilitates users to quickly and accurately finish endotracheal intubation;
3.The stand angle can be adjusted, including: 45°, 60°, 90°, to meet the requirements of users with different operation habits;
4.An endotracheal magnifier with auxiliary positioning function and a tracheoscope mirror that helps to confirm intubation result are more user-friendly.

RE20 Animal Endotracheal Intubation Kit Model Product Description Remarks
RE20-R Endotracheal intubation tube for rat (length 50mm)
RE20-M Endotracheal intubation tube for mouse (length 25mm)

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