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69100 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instruments for Mice and Rat

The mouse head can be easily rotated flexibility so as to adjust the level of the skull. The accuracy of mediolateral rotation perfectly solves the bleeding problem when you inject through the venous sinus. Alignment Indicator can feedback whether the height of the animal’s head is horizontal. Centering Scope helps find Bregma and Lambda points. And you don’t need to set up Bregma repeatedly.

Technical Specifications

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1. Fitted with a sagittal positioning plate design, To minimize the levelness, inclination and alignment of the skull.

2. Apparatus improves experiment efficiency, and the fixation process in animals is not repeated.

3. More detailed five-dimensional space positioning can meet the needs of other sites.

4. The operation arm has been tested by the motor for 100,000 times, which makes it more durable.

5. With 40X magnifier and horizontal calibrator, the skull flattening speed is faster and the brain area positioning accuracy is higher.

6. Can be combined with inhalation anesthesia machine, animal mortality is low, the risk of surgery is small.

Item Description
Tri-axial displacement Range in Sagittal plate (X, Y, Z axis) 30mm
left and right rotation Angle adjustment range in Sagittal plate ±30°
Swing the Angle up and down to adjust the range in Sagittal plate ±10°
horizontal Angle adjustment range in Center floor ±10°
Displacement distance of operating arm (X, Y, Z axis) 80mm
Plate size 400mm X 325mm
The mirror is still served at magnification 40X
Horizontal calibrator reading resolution 0.01mm
  • Model Product Description
    69100 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instrument for Mouse, Single M.
    69101 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instrument for Mouse, Dual M.
    69102 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instrument for Rat, Single M.
    69103 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instrument for Rat, Dual M.
    69100S Stereotaxic Frame for Rat or Mouse, Single Rail
    69100D Stereotaxic Frame for Rat or Mouse, Dual Rail
    69130 Centering Scope 40X Accessories
    69131 Alignment Indicator
    69110 Mouse Anesthesia Adapter with Tubing(<30g)
    69111 Mouse Anesthesia Adapter with Tubing(30~70g)
    69112 Rat Anesthesia Adapter with Tubing
    69113 15°Angle Adaptor
    69114 60°Ear Bars for Mouse, One pair
    69115 18°Ear Bars for Rat, One pair
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                                                 Stereotaxic Anesthesia Solutions

This program aims to be specially used for neuroscience research in rodent’s animals. Such as

  • development of animal neurological diseases models(Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, cerebral and spinal cord injury etc.), drug injection to brain,
  • cannula implantation for long-term drug administration, nervous stimulation,
  • physiological signal record, microdialysis
  • probe implantation and so on
  • Configure information:

    Part No. Configurations Mouse Rat
    R500IE Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Machine/Easy Fill-4L
    R510-29/30 Air Pump (HF) 220V/110V
    V100 Induction Chamber-Mouse (15cm*10cm*10cm)
    V101 Induction Chamber-Rat (24cm*12cm*18cm)
    69100 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instrument for Mouse, Single M.
    69102 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instrument for Rat, Single M.
    69100 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instrument for Mouse, Single M.
    R510-31-6 Gas Filter Canister, Large, pkg of 6pcs
    R546Pro Gas Evacuation Apparatus with Weight Monitoring, 110-240V


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