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  • Animal Anesthesia and Stereotaxic Injection Solutions

Animal Anesthesia and Stereotaxic Injection Solutions

  • This solution is specially used for neuroscience research. Unique stereotaxic frame nosecone masks are designed to combine anesthesia system and stereotaxic location system, which makes brain-related procedures or research more successful and have much better outcomes, for example, development of animal neurological diseases models (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, cerebral and spinal cord injury etc.), drug injection to brain, cannula implantation for long-term drug administration, nervous stimulation, physiological signal record, microdialysis probe implantation and so on. Similarly, any leaks around animal’s nose can be captured by the scavenging system to protect research subjects from being exposed.

Technical Specifications

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1.High accuracy vaporizer (Each one has an independent test report).
2.Dual channels: Independent switches for chamber and mask channels.
3.Integrated design, no need to install vaporizer and
4.Low stress induction chamber, supporting active recycling.
5.High efficiency gas evacuation system preventing the researchers from exposure to anesthesia gas.
6.Special anesthesia mask for stereotaxic, which does not hinder experimental operation.

Air Pump:
Air Flow:18L/min
Maximum Size(mm):163*128*111

Flowmeter specifications:0-4L/min
Concentration range:Isoflurane:0-5%;Sevoflurane:0-8%
Concentration output accuracy:±0.1(0-1%);±0.15(>1%)
Operating temperature range:10-35℃


Net weight: 800g,absorb 200g gas

Gas Evacuation Apparatus:
Size: 232mm*200mm*184mm
Net Weigh(without a canister): 2.9kg
Display screen:2 inch, 128*64 Resolution
The weight: 1~2000g
Flow: 8 ~ 60LPM
Noise: ≤50dB
Working power:100V-240V,50/60Hz,1.5A

Animal Anesthesia and Stereotaxic Injection Solutions Model Product Description Remarks
R510-30 Anesthesia Air Pump
TAIJI-IE Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Machine, Isoflurane, Easy Fill, 0-4L
V105 Low Stress Anesthesia Induction Chamber, for Mice and Rats For Active Scavenging
V100 Induction Chamber-mouse (15cm*10cm*10cm) For Passive Scavenging
V101 Induction Chamber-rat (24cm*12cm*18cm) For Passive Scavenging
68663 Stereotaxic Anesthesia /Evacuation Mask- Mice or Neonatal Rats (<30g) For Active Scavenging
68665 Stereotaxic Anesthesia /Evacuation Mask- Mice or Neonatal Rats (30~70g)
68666 Stereotaxic Anesthesia /Evacuation Mask- Rats (<300g)
68667 Stereotaxic Anesthesia /Evacuation Mask- Rats (>300g)
68601 Stereotaxic Anesthesia Mask Kit -mice or neonatal rat(<70g,Tubing included) For Passive Scavenging
68602 Stereotaxic Anesthesia Mask Kit – rats(<300g, Tubing included)
R510-31-6 Gas Filter Canister, Large, packge of 6
R546Pro Gas Evacuation Apparatus with Weight Monitoring, 110-240V For Active Scavenging
R510-T Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Machine Trolley

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