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R-CU510 Versatile Animal ICU

R-CU510 Versatile Animal ICU can accurately control the temperature, humidity, O2 concentration and CO2 concentration, providing a more comfortable medical care environment to help animals recover faster. It is indicated for patients with postoperative recovery, shocks, head injury, neurologic disease, tissue hypoxia, cardiopulmonary disease, etc.

Technical Specifications

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  • Specifications
  • Configuration
  • Digital operation:7-inch touchscreen for best simplicity, all parameters are clear at a glance
  • Smart pre-set: Parameters setting automatically matching animal species-age-disease
  • Three-sides heating and floor  cooling by the semiconductor  temperature control element
  • Maintain proper humidity: Dehumidification by semiconductor technology and ultrasonic humidification
  • Support oxygen therapy: convenient to provide supplemental oxygen for small animals
  • Environmental purification:UVC lamp & Anion function for effective sanitation management, to avoid patients cross infection
  • Carbon dioxide automatic removal:Effectively prevent CO2 accumulation through CO2 absorbent and ventilation, to avoid causing animal breathing disorders
  • Non-fully enclosed design, no need to worry about suffocation caused by power outage
  • Built-in failure alarm : abnormal high/low temperature, humidity, sensor failure and CO2 levels
  • Tempered glass windows for better observation
  • Compatible with atomizer
Item Specification
Heating/Cooling Method Semiconductor Components
Main Material     SECC, tempered glass
Temperature Control Range R-CU510:15.0-40.0℃(59.0~104.0℉); R-CU509:20.0-40.0℃(68.0~104.0℉); accuracy :±0.5℃
Humidity Control Range 40-70%RH
O2 Concentration Control Range 20-60%
CO2 concentration monitoring 500-4000PPM
LED Lamp Level 1~Level 3
Anion >8×106PCS/cm3(Anion injection port 20cm-30cm)
External Power Outlet 500W
Display 7-inch LCD Touchscreen
Power Supply Voltage AC 100~120V / 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Weight 50KG (Net weight), 65KG(Packaged weight)
Size External:W 970 mm * L 530 mm * H 790mm

Internal: W 690mm* L 470mm * H 490mm


Description R-CU510 R-CU509
Smart pre-set
Three sides heating
Floor cooling
Automatic excess removal of CO2
Oxygen concentration indicator
Oxygen concentration control
Temperature indicator
Humidity indicator
LED lamp
UVC lamp
IV stand pole
Exteral outlet
Rotary wheel
Fixed feet

Standard configuration ● Optional configuration ○


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