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  • Veterinary Monitor
  • Veterinary Monitor
  • Veterinary Monitor

RM700/RM800/RM800T Veterinary Monitor

RM700/RM800/RM800T Veterinary monitor is equipped with veterinary-specific algorithms and compact design. It fulfills your primary requirements in various sceneries for vet patients. Mutiple parameters include SpO₂, ECG, NIBP, TEMP, RESP, Microflow ETCO₂.

Technical Specifications

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  • 1/12.1 inches TFT LCD screen with all parameters clearly visible
  • Microflow EtCO2 technology, minimal sampling rate and more accurate data. (Optional)
  • Compact design: back cabinet for easy accessory storage and less than 4kg weight
  • New animal blood pressure algorithm for fast and accurate measurement
  • Multi-lead synchronized ECG signal analysis for better detection, with 5 leads
  • IP perfusion index measurable for more accurate SpO2
Display RM700-10.1 inches TFT LCD screen, RM800 -12.1 inches,  RM800T-12.1 inches touch screen; Resolution:1280×800 pixels
Size 198mm(H) * 320mm(W)* 262mm(L)
Weight <4kg
Data Storage Trends: 180 hours

Parameter alarms: 3000

NIBP measurements: 2400 sets

Full-disclosure waveforms: 72 hours at maximum

Input mode 5 leads
HR range 10-350bpm
Measuring range 0~100%
Accuracy At 70~100%, ±2%

At 0~69%, unspecified

PI measurement range At least 0.05~20.00%
Measurement method Microflow
Sample flowrate 50±10mL/min
EtCO2/FiCO2 measurement range 0%~19.7% (0mmHg~150mmHg)


Operation mode Manual, Auto, STAT, Sequence
Measurement method Automatic Oscillometry
Cuff pressure measuring range 0~300mmHg
Measurement parameters SYS, DIA, MAP,PR
Measuring range and accuracy 0.0~50.0℃ (32℉~122℉), 0.1℃ or 0.1℉
Measurement range 0~150 rpm
Accuracy ±2 rpm or ±2%, whichever is greater
Model Description
RM700 Veterinary Monitor with 10.1 inches screen, SpO2,ECG,RESP,HR,NIBP and TEMP
RM800 Veterinary Monitor with 12.1 inches screen SpO2,ECG,RESP,HR,NIBP , TEMP and Microflow CO2
RM800T Veterinary Monitor with 12 inches touch screen SpO2,ECG,RESP,HR,NIBP, TEMP and Microflow CO2

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