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  • Veterinary Urine Sediment Analyzer
  • Veterinary Urine Sediment Analyzer
  • Veterinary Urine Sediment Analyzer
  • Veterinary Urine Sediment Analyzer
  • Veterinary Urine Sediment Analyzer

VS-Pro Veterinary Urine Sediment Analyzer

VS-Pro adopts the gold standard methodological detection principle of manual microscopic examination and neural network intelligent recognition technology, which can quantitatively/semi-quantitatively analyze multiple urine sediments, provides an important basis for diagnosing pet urinary system diseases.

Technical Specifications

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High-quality imaging: Automatically capture high-resolution images of 70 sites per run.

Worry-free operation: One button to start sample centrifugation, focusing, imaging, sediment classification and counting.

Efficient and accurate: the detection time is short, only requires 175 μL (four to five drops) of fresh urine, and the result can be obtained in 5 minutes.

Remote service: After connecting to the cloud server, timely warning and cloud upgrade service can be realized.

Continuous evolution: As the number of samples increases, the recognition algorithm is continuously upgraded to improve the ability to identify rare samples.

User-friendly: safe and stable, easy to use, even novices can quickly master it.

Item Specification
Size L330×W340×H435 mm
Weight 15kg
Duration of single testing 5min
Centrifugation rotation speed 2000Rpm
Centrifugation time 30s
Camera resolution 1280*960
Volume of counting chamber 175uL
Number of photos 70
Number of locations of photographing 70
Identification range 2 um~90 um (bacteria → cast)
Items Qty Configuration
Main unit 1 Standard
Power line 1
USB 3.0 Type A double-end connecting cable 1
Pipettor 1
Counting chamber bin 4 cylinders,

50 pieces/cylinder



Quality Control Liquid 0.5ml/bottle,

2 bottles (high and low level)

Desktop computer set 1 Optional

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