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X5000 CMOS Image Sensor For X-Ray

X5000 apply to X-ray digital image acquisition for human dental,veterinary dental and industrial NDT. The CMOS sensor chip is with 18.5 X 18.5 μm pixel size and totally 1.92 Mega pixels (1600 X1200), coupled with 6μm FOP to improve the image resolution and to prevent the X ray radiation for the CMOS chip and peripheral circuit so as to extend the product life. The HR GOS scintillator used is effectively balance the output sensitivity and the resolution. X5000 has USB readout circuit and corresponding cable .


Technical Specifications

Pixel Size: 18.5Xl8.5μm
True Line Pair Resolution: 12~ 14lp/mm
Total Active Pixels: 1600X1200 pixels
Frame Rate Options: 1f/s, 2.5f/s
Digital Bit Options: 12-bit、14-bit, 16-bit
ID number writable in chip
Alone pixel trigger region and independent output
USB2.0 output
Platform Drive: Windows\MAC\Linux
Software for different applications is available and can be customized

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