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Sugar Rush: How Diabetes Leads to Vascular Disease

  • December 10th ,

  • 09:00am-10:00am
    (GMT-8, Pacific Time)

  • 0.8  hours

  • English

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The main goal of my research team is to understand the mechanisms by which local and global calcium signals regulate excitation-contraction coupling and excitation-transcription coupling in arterial smooth muscle cells during physiological and pathological conditions.

What you’ll learn:

  • Diabetes and Vascular complications
  • Understand what is arterial (myogenic) tone and the role of different ion channels involved.
  • Key roles for AKAP5 and AC5 in P2Y11-mediated stimulation of type Ca2+ Channel activity and vasoconstriction (ex vivo)
  • Implement a multiscale approach for any given research program.


Dr. Manuel F. Navedo

Professor with tenure, Department of Pharmacology University of California, Davis

Research directions

Dr. Navedo has maintained an active research program to examine cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating vascular smooth muscle excitability in health and disease. His research is funded by competitive NIH R01 and AHA awards.

Research outputs

Publications: 71
Citations: 2,000+
h-index:  31

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