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MCAO in 30 Minutes in Young and Aged Mice with High Survival Rates

  • June 2,

  • 12:00pm
    New York Time

  • 2.5  hours

  • English

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Do you like to know how to conduct consistent MCAO in 30 minutes in young and aged mice with high survival rates? In this webinar, the expert will introduce the details of anatomy following with high resolution real-time surgery demonstration.

What you’ll learn:

  • Tips and skills for successfully performing MCAO model
  • Experimental design for stroke research
  • The difference between craniectomy model, photothrombosis model, intraluminal filament occlusion model, embolic stroke model and vasoconstrictor model
  • How to measure verebral blood flow by noninvasive in-vivo method


Yi-Je (Jay) Chen PhD

Assistant Professor of University of California, Davis | UCD · Department of Pharmacology

Research Interests:

Studies Ion channels in BBB endothelial cells and their contributions to edema formation and inflammation in the early stages of ischemic stroke.

Research Output:

Publications: 22
Citations: 437
h-Index: 10

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