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Surgical Lasers in Veterinary Medicine

  • 12th May

  • 2:00pm, UTC+3

  • 1.5  hours

  • Engllish

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With the development of laser technology, many veterinarians want to learn about the applications related to laser. In this case, we open the webinar record amid helping many vets to better understand laser therapy.

What you’ll learn:

  • Laser surgery principle.
  • The advantage of laser surgery compare to other surgical methods (e.g. electronic surgical units).
  • Laser surgery application.
  • Sharing cases.


Christopher J. Winkler, DVM, VMLSO FALSC, FASLMS

Dr. Winkler Biographical Statement: He is a Fellow and Faculty member of the American Laser Study Club, an organization dedicated to assisting medical practitioners in advancing their surgical laser knowledge and skills, and also sits on the editorial board of its journal. Dr. Winkler has appeared nationally as a laser surgery instructor and lecturer for veterinary conferences such as the NAVC, the WVC, and the AVMA, and as a speaker on laser photobiomodulation for the ASLMS, the Great Smokies Veterinary Conference, and the Colonia Veterinary Conference. He also contributes articles on laser therapy and laser surgery for Veterinary Practice News, and has acted as a consultant for multiple laser surgery and laser therapy companies. Dr. Winkler is the 2021 recipient of the Kumar C. Patel Prize for outstanding contributions to veterinary laser surgery education.

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