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RWD Helps Ningxia Medical University Build a Histopathology Laboratory



A histopathology laboratory is a laboratory dedicated to the examination of tissues and the diagnosis of diseases. Ningxia Medical University began to build ones to fulfill their urgent need for microtome machines. A large number of paraffin slice specimens had to be studied, examined and observed. The purpose of this observational study was to detect indicators of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and heart failure in tissues and cells. When the study began, laboratory members were conducting all slicing by borrowing equipment from a different department at the university. All procedures that took place were under the guidance of the department where the equipment was borrowed from, thus resulting in two main inconvenient things under such a working model.

Firstly, the quality of slices were not stable for beginners. The reason for this was due to equipment condition and Operating habits of technicians. Because the blades were easy to become blunt after long period of use. If the technicians still use the old blades or seldom replace ones, it would result in poor slices quality. Then the laboratory had to borrow microtomes times again. And The lab technician wasn’t skilled with the operation. Secondly, timing became an issue. In many cases, laboratory members had to pause their procedures and wait until the next day due to scheduling issues with the alternate laboratory. The only solution was to purchase their own microtome equipment. However, new challenges occurred.


1) First and foremost, the budget for this equipment was limited. Equipment with high price and long delivery time will definitely affect the progress of the experiment.

2) The quality of equipment is not always reliable, when project evaluation occurred, it's possible the performance of the equipment could be subpar. These concerns were expressed by the Purchasing Decision Committee.


The sales staff from RWD were helpful in applying for a rotary microtome, offering the laboratory a paraffin microtome for free trial. This solves their problems and ensures smooth progress of the research. Not only did this solve the immediate problem of resuming high-quality research, but it also allowed the scientific researchers in the laboratory to finish their findings peacefully.

Minux® S700 Semi-Automatic Rotary Microtome
Minux® S700 Semi-Automatic Rotary Microtome

1) Slicing is high-quality and similar to other big brands
2) Thanks to the patented visual pointer identifier, an intuitive adjustment angle is secured. This allows you to adjust the tissue angle with different inclined surfaces. You can also easily adjust multiple machines to the exact same angle.
3) Intelligent touch screen operation and display, improve operation efficiency.


The results concluded that a cost-effective piece of equipment, such as the RWD paraffin microtome, was not only highly-effective but convenient as well. In fact, this machine was used for several months straight and laboratory members were continuously delighted with its performance. All slices were high-quality and razor-thin. They were perfect for the purpose of the study. At the end of the day, all laboratory members agreed to purchase the equipment. This equipment was within budget and performed exceptionally well, making it a win-win situation.

microtome sectioning
microtome in histology
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“When our department was in short supply of slicing equipment at the beginning, it was RWD who gave us the equipment for free, which solved our urgent need. After using it, we found that the slices cut out were as thin as cicada's wings. Now, we can't do experiments without the RWD microtome. We grow fond of it after we use it.”


—Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University

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