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Helps perform the first snow leopard ‘Ling Han’ cataract surgery in the world


Customer Background

Snow leopard‘Ling Han’, as first-level protected wild animal, was discovered in Sanjiangyuan National Park earlier this year. When it was found, it weighed just 25KG, had obvious trauma to its left eye and a cataract in its right eye. After more than half a year of recovery, the Qinghai Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Center decided to treat the snow leopard‘Ling Han’ for cataracts.

Their questions and concerns

  • Phacoemulsification is the first time in the world to be applied to snow leopard, facing many unknowns.
  • Ling Han is an old snow leopard that has been severely damaged and is no longer able to survive in the wild.
  • Ling Han‘s cataract is a long-term, mature cataract. The lens of its cataract becomes very hard, so the surgery uses ultrasound to break it up and suck it out bit by bit. It's a long process.

RWD Solution

Products: RWD general purpose animal anesthetics

It provides safe and effective sedation and pain management for snow leopard during surgery. Rapid induction and maintenance of stable anesthesia, at any time according to the state of the snow leopard to adjust the depth of anesthesia.

Inhalation anesthetics are not metabolized in animals. It will not cause liver and kidney burden, to the heart, brain, liver and other organs of ischemia reperfusion damage to have a certain protective effect, to ensure the safety of animals during surgery! It can effectively improve the success rate of surgery.

Investment Returns

The RWD respiratory anesthesia machine provided steady anesthesia to ‘Ling Han’, and the operation went smoothly with excellent results. The application of phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation in the successful treatment of the wild snow leopard ‘Ling Han’ with cataract is the first in the world, which is of far-reaching significance.

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“During the whole process, snow leopard "Ling Han", "the national first-class key protected wild animal", provided stable anesthesia. The whole operation process was very smooth, and the surgical effect was very good! The successful operation not only is expected to restore Ling Han's vision and greatly improve his quality of life, but also provides an important reference for wildlife rescue involving ophthalmology in the future.”

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Jin Yipeng

College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University

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